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Nathanson Centre Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption is drawn from many fields of expertise including: law, police, finance, corporations, government and intelligence. The ex-officio members of the Advisory Board are the Chair of the Board of Governors of York University, the President of York University and the Founding Benefactor. The Advisory Board includes:

Daniel A. Bellemare

Assistant Deputy Attorney General

Justice Canada, Criminal Law Branch

Gwen Boniface


Ontario Provincial Police

Alan Borovoy

General Counsel

Canadian Civil Liberties Association

Ian D. Glen

Chair of the National Parole Board

Communications Security Establishment

Roy McMurtry

Chief Justice of Ontario

Patrick Monahan


Osgoode Hall Law School

Richard Mosley


Federal Court

Tonita Murray


Canadian Police College

Mark Nathanson

Founding Benefactor

Antonio Nicaso

Journalist, writer and editor

Raymond J. Protti

President and Chief Executive Officer

Canadian Bankers Association

Graham Reynolds


Osler, Hoskin, & Harcourt, LLP

John Rosen

Rosen, Wasser

Rodney Stamler

Assistant Commissioner RCMP


Guiliano Zaccardelli

Commissioner RCMP


Nathanson Centre Executive Committee

Margaret E. Beare


Nathanson Centre for the Study of

Organized Crime and Corruption

Michael Mandel


Osgoode Hall Law School

Patrick Monahan


Osgoode Hall Law School

James Sheptycki


York University, Criminology

Sharon Williams


Osgoode Hall Law School


Peer Zumbansen

  Canada Research Chair in the Transnational and Comparative Law of Corporate Governance

  York University



Margaret E. Beare, Ph.D., Director

Dr. Margaret Beare is the first Director of the Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and corruption. Dr. Beare holds the position of Associate Professor within the sociology department of York University. Her career combines academic teaching with research and policy development. She completed her undergraduate studies in Canada at the University of Guelph, studied criminology in England at Cambridge University, and obtained her Ph.D. at Columbia University in New York. She brings an international perspective to the work of the Nathanson Centre and to her on-going policing research.

Dr. Beare worked in the area of police research for eleven years within the Department of the Solicitor General Canada and served two years as director of Police Policy and Research. She served as the Solicitor General representative on Canada's Drug Strategy and was instrumental in proposing and securing the funding for the three original integrated proceeds of crime units. Her previous research includes two volumes on gambling, police powers, an assessment of the U.S. RICO statute, and a report on money laundering. Her book Criminal Conspiracies, Organized Crime in Canada was published in 1996 by Nelson Canada.

Dr. Beare is currently working on a policing text book for Harcourt Brace publishers, a second manuscript on organized crime, a research project with the Metropolitan Toronto Police "Robberies Reduction Initiative" and a project on private policing in Canada. Dr. Beare has worked closely with the police for more than fifteen years and continues to do so in her academic position. She has an intimate knowledge of policing procedures, problems unique to organized crime investigations and the intricacies of evaluation research methodologies.

Mark I. Nathanson, Founding Benefactor

Mark Nathanson, benefactor of Osgoode Hall Law School's Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption, was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia, to Jack and Mae (nee Shapiro) Nathanson. The Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption is named in honour of his parents. The contribution to endow the Centre was made through Marzen Holdings Company Limited, of which Mr. Nathanson is chairman.

Mr. Nathanson has been involved in many business ventures since beginning his career in mining. His abiding interest in security issues and policing led him to successful business ventures in national security and forensic investigation. Mr. Nathanson spent 25 years working with various governments, including many in Africa, mainly in the national security and communication fields. International FIA (Forensic Investigative Associates) Holdings Limited, of which Mr. Nathanson was the Chairman and CEO, is engaged internationally in forensic investigations.

Mark Nathanson was the founder of International African Mining Gold Corporation (IAMGOLD) and AGEM Ltd. (AGEM), a wholly owned subsidiary of IAMGOLD. Mr. Nathanson, who recently retired, was Co-Chairman and a Director of IAMGOLD, President and CEO of AGEM, and President and CEO of IAMGOLD South America Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary of IAMGOLD. IAMGOLD, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange, with its equal partner Anglo American Corporation (AngloGold), operates a large mining complex at Sadiola Hill in western Mali. Mr. Nathanson discovered the extensive Sadiola deposit in 1988 and was instrumental in taking the concessions for Sadiola and several other deposits now being mined.

"West Africa has always had a special calling for me," says Mr. Nathanson. "In my many years of exploring the region, I've come to believe strongly in both the promise of the land and the potential of its people." In 1995 Mr. Nathanson was awarded the Chevalier of Merit, Order of the Lion, by the President of Senegal for outstanding services for the benefit of the Senegalese people.

Mr. Nathanson in memory of his late wife, best friend and confident, endowed Saint Thomas Hospital in Nashville Tennessee to open the Maria Nathanson Center of Excellence in Gastro-Intestinal, Pulmonary and Cardiac-Renal Medicine and Research. He is a lifetime trustee of the St. Thomas Hospital Medical Services Fund. He received the Saint Thomas Seton Honor, awarded by The Seton Society of Saint Thomas Health Services of Nashville, Tennessee. This honor is awarded to individuals for their commitment to their community and excellence in their personal and professional endeavors.

Mr. Nathanson is a Trustee of the New York City Police Museum and benefactor of the Museum's Forensics Room. He is an Honorary Police Commissioner of the City of New York Police Department (NYPD) and Honorary Chief of police of the Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County (Tennessee) Police Department. Mr. Nathanson was also inducted into the Honor Legion of the New York City Police Department. In January 2000, he was honored with two extremely prestigious awards, the NYPD Commissioner=s award and the Federal Drug Agents Foundation=s award for outstanding service to law enforcement internationally.

Mr. Nathanson believes in the importance of research in the field of organized crime and corruption and chose to endow the Centre at Osgoode Hall Law School because of the outstanding reputation of its faculty for innovative legal research and policy development, its commitment to interdisciplinary research related to legal issues, and its expertise in criminal law, policing, banking, commercial law, and international law.

Mark Nathanson continues to be actively involved in the support and funding of advanced medical research and treatment as well as law enforcement endeavors.