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We encourage you to refer to the help page, especially for a list of keywords to help refine your search. 

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Searching Help (Summary)

Searches on this database can be performed in the title, author, or keyword fields. In addition, you may conduct an everywhere search that looks for a match in any of the title, author, keyword, or abstract fields. 

Searches do not look for exact matches; instead it finds matches for any substring of  a word or words that have been entered. For example, using the phrase organized crime as a title search will produce all citations that have this phrase in the title. 

Searches on this database also accommodate the following Boolean operators: "and," "or," & "not." The search engine has been designed to allow you to conduct a Boolean search using one or a combination of title, author, keyword or everywhere searches. 

We have compiled an extensive catalogue of keywords that are unique to organized crime. Using these keywords will help to refine your search and produce more accurate results. The keywords are grouped into the following categories:

Organized Crime "Genre"
Theories and Conceptual Models
Organized Crime Activities
Private Sector Industries Affected by Organized Crime
Name of Criminal Organization
Name of Individual
Geographic Region
Organized Crime Enforcement
Special Topics

The keyword search has been arranged to be as simple to use as possible. For example, if you would like to find literature on Chinese organized crime, enter 

Keyword: Chinese 
: organized crime 


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