Legal Resources

Lawyer Referral Service
1-800-268-8326 OR 416-947-3330
Client will be provided with name and phone number of an LRS member lawyer.

Duty Counsel Hotline
No Fee - this is a 24-hour hotline individuals can use to access duty counsel when they are IN CUSTODY/DETAINED by the police.

National Parole Board – Clemency and Pardons Division

Advocacy Resource Centre for the Handicapped (ARCH)
(416) 482-8255
425 Bloor Street East, Suite 110, Toronto, ON, M4W 3R5
Representation in cases that may set precedents or where client cannot be represented appropriately by other legal services.But generally, not individual representation.They will refer to lawyers who have experience in dealing with cases of this type.

Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
416-326-1312 OR (toll free) 1-866-598-0322
TTY: 416-326-2027
TTY Toll-free: 1-866-607-1240
655 Bay Street, 14th floor, Toronto, ON, M7A 2A3
The Tribunal's mandate is to resolve applications brought under the Ontario Human Rights Code

Human Rights Legal Support Centre
(416) 314-6266 OR (toll free) 1-866-625-5179.TTY Toll Free: 1-866 612-8627
400 University Avenue, 7th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M7A 1X8
The HRLSC should be contacted via telephone before any person attempts to arrange an in-person interview.
Provides assistance:
• in resolving issues of discrimination
• with filing applications to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario
• at any stage of the Tribunal’s process after filing an application

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
• Detailed taped information available on passports/birth certificates, customs, immigration, citizenship
• Call for general information or to request an application kit

Immigration and Refugee Board
(416) 954-1000
Documentation Centre provides information on Canadian Law and issues related to the Immigration Act (416 973-7070)

COSTI Immigrant Services
Head Office (416) 658-1600
North York Centre (416) 244-0480
Educational, social and employment services to help all immigrants in the Toronto area attain self-sufficiency in Canadian society.

Refugees and Immigrants Information Centre Toronto
(416) 961-7027
260 Wellesley St. East, Suite 109, Toronto ON, M4X 1G6
Fee For Services
• Paralegal services
• Lawyer available by appt and in emergencies (416-466-5444)

Mental Health
Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Mental Health Services (COTA)
Court support services for individuals with mental health problems who are in conflict with the law on a minor offence.Assists individuals suitable for diversion to the mental health system, including links to appropriate community resources and services.

Psychiatric Patient Advocate Office
(416) 327-7000 OR (toll free) 1-800-578-2343
• Advocacy and rights advice for patients admitted to provincial psychiatric facilities
• Information and referral for those ineligible

Police Complaints
Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services
(416) 326-1189 OR (toll free) 1-888-515-5005
25 Grosvenor Ave., 1st floor, Toronto ON M7A 1Y6
• Independent quasi-judicial tribunal that conducts hearings of public complaints about police officers
• Agency of the Minister of the Solicitor General

Toronto Police Complaints Administration
(416) 808-2800

Complaints against Police of 31 Division (Jane/Finch area)
(416) 808-3100
40 Norfinch Ave., Toronto ONM3N 1X1

Social Assistance (OW/ODSP)

Ministry of Community, Family and Children Services – Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
To find your nearest Ontario Disability Support Program office, you may try the Social Assistance Office Locator:

Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO)
(416) 408-4420

Tenant’s Rights

Landlord and Tennant Board (LTB)
(416) 645-8080 OR (toll free) 1-888-332-3234
• Deals with residential landlord and tenant matters under Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act
• Forms, law, FAQ located at

Advocacy Centre for Tenants (ACTO)
(416) 597-5855
• Public Legal education, policy development and law reform
• No direct legal services to individuals except in relation to test cases

Federation of Metropolitan Toronto Tenants Associations
(416) 921-9494
Eviction Hotline (416) 921-8331
• Telephone information on residential legal rights
• Helps tenants organize associations in their own buildings

Women’s Rights & Domestic Violence

Assaulted Women's Hotline
(416) 863-0511 OR (toll free) 1-866-863-0511
Distress Centre (Toronto), 24/7
(416)- 408-4357
Toronto Rape Crisis Centre
(416) 597-8808

Mississauga Hospital
(905) 848-7493
Lakeridge Health Oshawa
(905) 576-8711
Scarborough Grace Hospital
(416) 495-2555
Women's College Hospital
(416) 323-6040
York Central Hospital

Barbara Schlifer Clinic
(416) 323-9149

Court Support and Counseling Services
(416) 789-9793
• Help in going to police to charge an abuser
• Preparation for upcoming trial
• Court accompaniment
• Assistance with claims to Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

Metro Action Committee on Violence Against Women and Children (METRAC)
(416) 392-3135
158 Spadina Rd., Toronto ON
• Online resources, publications and links promoting rights of women and children to live free from violence and threats of violence

Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General - Family Responsibility Office
(416) 326-1817 OR (toll free) 1-800-267-4330 OR
 24-Hour Automated Info Line - (416) 326-1818
• Garnishment of wages, seizure of assets including 50% of joint bank accounts, suspension of drivers licenses, seizure of lottery winnings, suspension of passports and credit bureau reporting
• Helps ensure that court-ordered child and spousal support payments are made on a regular basis

Worker’s Rights

Employment Standards Information Centre (Ontario Ministry of Labour)
1–800–531–5551 (Toll–free)

Human Resources Development - Employment Insurance Canada

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board - Injured Workers Outreach Service
(416) 785-8787 OR (toll free) 1-800-295-1699
• free of charge
• provides information to injured workers on how to handle a claim;
• provides peer support, education and advice;
• informs injured workers about WSIB policies and procedures;
• provides referrals

Office of the Worker Advisor
Canada-wide Toll Free:
1-800-435-8980 (Service in English)
1-800-661-6365 (Service in French)
1-866-445-3092 (TTY)
Main Office (416) 325-8570
Scarborough (416) 325-9846
Downsview (416) 235-5550
• Assistance/representation through all levels of Workplace Safety And Insurance Board claims process
• Information on WSIB and Workers Compensation Appeals Tribunal
• Does not provide assistance to unionized workers

Industrial Accident Victims Group of Ontario
(416) 924-6477
• Community legal clinic funded by Legal Aid Ontario
• Representation through all levels of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Injured Workers’ Consultants
(416) 461-2411
Assistance and representation in all matters under jurisdiction of Workplace Safety and Insurance Board

Toronto Workers Health and Safety Legal Clinic
(416) 971-8832
• Community Legal Clinic for non-unionized workers facing occupational health and safety problems
• Advice and representation

Advocates for Injured Workers
(416) 924-6477
Suite 203-489 College Street, Toronto ONM6G 1A5
• Provides legal representation for people who have been denied Workers' Safety and Insurance Act benefits.
• Provides representation at all Workers Compensation Board hearings and provides summary advice.

Union of Injured Workers of Ontario
(416) 785-8787
Assistance with applications/appeals for Canada Pension Plan, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, social services and social assistance

Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies
(416) 987-7725
For a list of Children's Aid Societies in Ontario-

Parent's Help Line
Provides information and referral on various topic relating to parenting and youth

Kids Help Phone