Clinics and Intensives 2015

    Program Credits Semester On/off campus Seminar : Weekly or Bookends Director Pre-requisites Praxicum? OPIR?
    Aboriginal Lands, Resources & Governments 15 Winter Various organizations in Toronto & beyond Bookends Professor Boisselle Open to 3rd year students Y Y
    ABLW 1
    Corporate Finance
    5 Fall Davies Ward Phillips & Veinberg LLP Weekly Adjunct Professors Pennycook & Reid Business Associations & Securities Regulation N N
    ABLW 2
    Mergers & Acquisitions
    5 Winter Davies Ward Phillips & Veinberg LLP Weekly Adjunct Professors Olasker & Reid Business Associations & Securities Regulation Y N
    Anti-Discrimination 15 6 students each term, seminar both terms Human Rights Legal Support Centre Mandatory week late August; 7 classes/term Professor? None; see recommendations Y Y
    Anti-Discrimination 15 Winter Various corporations Bookends with 6-7 week placements Professor Johnson NOT OFFERED 2015/16 Y Case-by-case basis
    CLASP 15 Full year Clinic located at Osgoode Weekly Adjunct Professor MacGregor None Y Y
    Criminal Law 15 Winter Defence counsel, Crown, or Ontario Court of Justice Weekly Adjunct Professors Di Luca and Rondinelli Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure & Evidence Y Y
    Disability Law 15 Full year ARCH Disability Law Centre Mandatory week late August; seminar every two weeks Professor Mytikiuk and Adjunct Professor MacGregor Disability & the Law in fall or winter Y Y
    Immigration and Refugee Law 15 Winter Various organizations Bookends Adjunct Professor Baglay NOT OFFERED 2015/16 Y Y
    Innocence 9 Full Year Association for the Defence of the Wrongly Convicted Regular workshops throughout the year Professor Young Winter – Forensic Science & the Law Y Y
    IP Law and Technology 15 Fall Various organizations 2 weeks of seminar, 11 week placement Professor D’Agostino 2 of IP Law, Patents, Copyright, Trade-marks or IP seminar Y Case-by-case basis
    Mediation 9 Full Year On and off campus Weekly Adjunct Professor Simmons None Y Y
    Osgoode Business Clinic 4 + seminar Full year Stikeman Elliott LLP Required seminar – Case Studies in Business Enterprise Professor Ben-Ishai (or co-requisite) Business Associations Y Y
    Poverty Law at PCLS 15 20 spots in fall, 20 in winter Parkdale Community Legal Services Mandatory week late August; weekly Professor Rehaag None


    Y Y
    Test Case Litigation Project 9 Full Year Leading practitioners Fall weekly seminar Adjunct Professor Sheppard None Y Y