Media Innovation and Creativity Lab (M!C)

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Media Innovation and Creativity Lab (M!C)


The Media Innovation and Creativity Lab is an interdisciplinary and multimedia research facility at York University that provides a working environment that allows researchers to transform their 32work into image-based media forms such as documentary films, video art and photography. The work done at M!C by scholars, practitioners, artists and writers will transgress the traditional, purely text-based boundaries of research. Besides its research mandate, M!C invites collaboration, training and education of students, faculty and visiting faculty.

The M!C facility has software and equipment necessary to gather video and photo data on-site, and to process the data in the lab using the lab’s high definition facilities.

Service features

The M!C facility is under the oversight and management of the M!C Creative Director, who offers multimedia production expertise for the facility’s hardware, software and equipment.

Trained and qualified staff can use the equipment and lab for:

  • Video/photo gathering on-site
  • Video/photo production in lab
  • Processing video/image/sound production in lab
  • Creating a multimedia experience in the lab

Who can use this service

This facility is reserved for research purposes. It is available to all York University faculty, staff, students and researchers who meet the requirements for using the facility. (See requirements under How to request this service section.) Submission of proposal and additional documentation are required.

How to request this service

The following requirements must be met:

  • The project must be research based
  • Researchers must take into account costs surrounding additional support (e.g. training, editors and crew)
  • Equipment lease is levied on a weekly basis, with a minimum of 1 week
  • All equipment to be signed out and accounted for by the on-site Creative Director
  • Due to the limited number of available equipment, please book a month in advance for reservations

Submitting a service request:

  1. Submit research proposal by email to Laurie Cormack (, Research Officer, Osgoode Hall Law School
  2. Sign research term agreement that’s provided by the Research Officer
  3. The Research Administration of Osgoode Hall Law School will review your submitted research proposal and acknowledge your submission within 5 business days

Service support

Service support (including new service requests and general inquiries)

Laurie Cormack (, 416-736-5283)
Research Officer
Osgoode Hall Law School

Technical, training and consultation support (including hardware, software, equipment, workstations, access, training, and consultation)

Kelly Parke (
Creative Director, CRL
Osgoode Hall Law School