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Genest Global Faculty

The Pierre Genest Memorial Fund supports the invitation of distinguished legal scholars — Genest Global Faculty — to Osgoode. The Fund honours the memory of Pierre Genest who graduated from Osgoode in 1954 and became one of the finest counsel in Canada, respected not only for his gifts as a lawyer and an advocate, but also for his honourable and generous personal qualities.

2015 – 2016

Mitu Gulati

Mitu Gulati Mitu Gulati is Professor of Law at Duke University.  He was previously on the faculties of the UCLA and Georgetown Law Schools.  His primary area of research is the study of government debt contracts.  In particular, he focuses on questions about how sovereign debt contract provisions have evolved historically, the extent to which individual provisions are priced, and how these debt contracts can best be restructured in cases of sovereign distress.  Gulati’s Genest lecture forms part of a larger book project (with Joseph Blocher) on the question of rethinking the legal fictions of sovereignty and sovereign immunity in the modern era; one in which the rights of monarchs are less important and where the rights of people to be free from oppression by their sovereign are taken seriously.   The other parts of this book project are analyses of Tradable Refugee Rights and The Price of Regional Expulsion.

Kimberley Krawiec

Kimberly Krawiec Professor Krawiec is the Kathrine Robinson Everett Professor of Law at Duke University. She is also a Senior Fellow and Faculty Council member at the Kenan Institute for Ethics. Much of her current research analyzes “taboo trades” — exchanges that are contested by society and, in some cases, forbidden altogether. She has written on commercial surrogacy, egg and sperm markets, and sex work. At the moment, much of her work is on incentives for organ donation. Although financial incentives are part of the menu, she is most interested in non-financial incentives, such as kidney swaps, NEAD chains, and priority systems that provide an incentive to donate. You can view her work on Taboo Trades here.