Faculty Research Interests

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Osgoode has the advantage of a large faculty, diverse in its interests and expertise, and almost uniformly productive researchers.  As such, it is able to support students with diverse interests by creating an intellectually rich environment and by providing expert supervision.

Faculty MemberResearch Interests

Harry Arthurs
OC, OO, BA, LLB (Toronto), LLM (Harvard), Hon LLD (Brock, Law Society of Upper Canada, McGill, Montreal, Sherbrooke and Toronto), Hon DLitt (Lethbridge), Hon DCL (Windsor), of the Bar of Ontario.
Legal education and the legal profession, legal history and legal theory, labour and administrative law, globalization and the law.
Margaret E. Beare
BA, MA (Guelph), Diploma in Criminology (Cambridge), PhD (Columbia)
Transnationalization of crime and law enforcement; public and private policing; organized crime; women and the criminal justice system; money laundering; policing strategies; gang violence; and, corrections.
Stephanie Ben-Ishai
LLB (Osgoode), LLM (Harvard), of the Bar of Ontario.
Empirical, policy and comparative work in bankruptcy, commercial and corporate law.
W. Neil Brooks
BA (Alberta), LLB (British Columbia), of the Bar of Ontario.
Tax; tax planning and policy; corporate and international tax; financing the welfare state.
Ruth Buchanan
BA (Princeton), LLB (Victoria), LLM, SJD (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Globalization and law, law and development, international economic law, social and legal theory, critical and feminist approaches to international law, law and film.
Annie Bunting
LLB (Osgoode), LLM (London School of Economics), SJD (Toronto), of the Bar of Ontario.
International human rights; women’s rights; culture and legal anthropology.
Jamie Cameron
BA (British Columbia), LLB (McGill), LLM (Columbia), of the Bars of British Columbia and Ontario.
Freedom of expression and the press; freedom of association; constitutionalization of criminal law; principles of fundamental justice; comparisons between American and Canadian constitutional jurisprudence.
Mary G. Condon
BA (Dublin), MA, LLM, SJD (Toronto), of the Bar of Ontario.
Securities law and policy; mutual fund governance; pension regulation and policy; online investing; feminism and markets; privatization; family firms; economic regulation; corporate law; financial services; socio-legal studies.
Rosemary J. Coombe
BA (Hons), LLB (Great Distinction) (Western Ontario), LLM, JSD (Stanford University).
Intellectual property; social theory and law; law and culture; legal theory; law and communication; legal pluralism; law and anthropology; globalization and law.
Carys Craig
LLB (Edinburgh), LLM (Queen’s), SJD
Domestic intellectual property law and policy; comparative and international intellectual property law and policy; philosophy and politics of intellectual property rights; legal and political theory, including feminist theory; communication and culture.
Giuseppina (Pina) D’Agostino
HonBA (York), LLB (Osgoode), MSt and DPhil (Oxford), of the Bar of Ontario.
International, comparative and domestic aspects of intellectual property law; technology and science and how these interrogate core areas of the law (such as intellectual property, contract, labour, health and privacy law); copyright contract; legal reform, public policy and theories of intellectual property law.
Aaron Dhir
BA (Distinction), LLB (Dalhousie); LLM (New York University), of the Bar of Ontario.
Corporate and commercial law and international human rights.
Susan G. Drummond
BA, BSW (Dalhousie), BCL, LLB, MSW (McGill), DEA (Aix-Marseille), DCL (McGill).
Legal anthropology and legal pluralism; comparative law; civil law; family law.
D. Paul Emond
BA (Hons) (Toronto), LLB (Osgoode), LLM (Harvard), of the Bar of Ontario.
Environmental law; urban and legal studies; planning law; resources development law; dispute settlement.
Trevor C.W. Farrow
AB (Princeton), BA/MA (Oxford), LLB (Dalhousie), LLM (Harvard), PhD Candidate (Alberta), of the Ontario Bar.
Administration of civil justice, including legal process, civil procedure, dispute resolution, professional ethics, legal theory, legal education, rights and security, globalization and post-conflict development.
Shelley A. M. Gavigan
BA (Regina), LLB (Saskatchewan), MA (Toronto), LLM (Osgoode), of the Bars of Saskatchewan and Ontario.
Family law and the definition and regulation of familial relations; criminal law; poverty law; children and the law; socio-legal history.
Benjamin Geva
LLB (Jerusalem), LLM, SJD (Harvard), of the Bar of Ontario.
Banking and financial laws; commercial transactions; funds transfers and payment systems; negotiable instruments; secured credit, and legal history of commercial and financial law.
Joan M. Gilmour
BA, LLB (Toronto), JSM, JSD (Stanford), of the Bars of Ontario and British Columbia.
Health law; legal governance of health care; privatization and health care reform; legal regulation of alternative health care; professional regulation of health care practitioners; torts; civil procedure; equality rights and discrimination.
Ian Greene
BA (Hons) (Alberta), MA, PhD (Toronto).
Administrative law; judicial behaviour; courts administration; political ethics; social science evidence on Supreme Court decisions.
C. Douglas Hay
BA, MA (Toronto), PhD (Warwick) (cross-appointed with the Faculty of Arts).
History of English and Canadian criminal law; comparative history of criminal procedure; social history of crime; judicial biography; history of employment law in England and the British Empire; English and Canadian legal history.
Peter W. Hogg
OC, LSM, QC, LLB (New Zealand), LLM (Harvard), PhD (Monash), Hon LLD (Victoria University of Wellington, York University, Université de Montréal, of the Bar of Ontario.
Constitutional law.
Allan C. Hutchinson
LLB (London), LLM (Manchester), LLD (Manchester), FRSC, Barrister of Gray’s Inn, and of the Bar of Ontario.
Law and politics; legal theory; legal profession; racism and the law; constitutional law; torts; jurisprudence; civil procedure; legal profession; racism and law.
Shin Imai
BA (Yale), LLB (Toronto), LLM (Osgoode), of the Bar of Ontario.
Aboriginal law; alternative dispute resolution; clinical legal education.
Lesley Jacobs
BA (Hons), MA (Western), DPhil (Oxford).
Law and society; moral and political philosophy; egalitarian justice; affirmative action; access to healthcare, employment and pay equity; children’s rights; alternate dispute resolution; intellectual property and human genetics.
G. Thomas Johnson
BA (Hons)(York), BCL (McGill), SJD
(Wisconsin), of the Bar of Ontario.
Commercial law; secured transactions; land tenure reform; property; bankruptcy and insolvency; project financing; and law and development.
Shelley Kierstead
LLB (UNB), LLM (Toronto), PhD (Osgoode)
Family Law, Legal Process
Sonia Lawrence
BA, MSW, LLB (Toronto), LLM (Yale)
Equality rights; anti-discrimination; welfare and welfare administration; law and poverty; race and the law; law and culture; constitutional law; intersections of law and social work; public interest lawyering.
Jinyan Li
BA (UIBE, China), LLB (Toronto), LLM (Queen’s), DJur (Osgoode), of the Bar of Ontario.
Taxation law; International Tax, Advanced Corporate Tax, and Chinese law.
John D. McCamus
BA (Western Ontario), MA, LLB (Toronto), LLM (London), of the Bar of Ontario.
Private law; restitution; contracts; privacy; access to information; public law and policy.
Kent McNeil
BA, LLB (Saskatchewan), DPhil (Oxford), of the Bar of Saskatchewan.
The rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada, Australia and the United States in relation to sovereignty, land, constitutional matters, self-government; fiduciary obligations, and treaties.
Ikechi Maduka Mgbeoji
LLB (Nigeria), BL (Lagos), LLM, JSD (Dalhousie).
Comparative intellectual property law; collective security and intervention in civil and international conflicts; third world approaches to international law; law of patents; indigenous peoples and intellectual property law; biodiversity and international environmental law; trademarks law; the history of public international law and international institutions; torts.
Janet Mosher
BMusA (Western Ontario), LLB (Queen’s), LLM (Toronto), of the Bar of Ontario.
Law and poverty; woman abuse; the intersections of welfare policy and violence against women; legal process; legal ethics; evidence; access to justice; law and social change.
Mary Jane Mossman
BA (Hons) (McGill), LLB (Queen’s), LLM (London), LLD (Law Society of Upper Canada), of the Bars of New South Wales and Ontario.
Women and the Law/Legal Professions; Family Law, Social Assistance and Economic Dependency; Property Law, including Trusts and Pensions; Access to Justice and Legal Aid.
Roxanne Mykitiuk
BA (Alberta); LLB (Toronto); LLM (Columbia), member of the Alberta Bar
Legal construction and regulation of disability and gender in health law and policy; reproductive and genetic technologies; feminist bioethics; cultural and social implications of biotechnology; legal regulation and construction of childhood; family law; children and the law; health law reform; disability studies; feminist theory; law and epistemology; health and globalization; construction of the body and legal regulation.
Obiora Chinedu Okafor
LLB (Hons), LLM (Nigeria), LLM, PhD
(British Columbia).
Public international law and policy; international human rights law and policy; refugee law and policy; immigration law and policy; international legal theory; international institutions; international legal history; statehood and self-determination; legitimate governance; human rights in Africa; international criminal law and policy; comparative constitutional law; Nigerian law; postcolonial theories; Third World approaches to international law.
Lisa C. Philipps
LLB (Toronto), LLM (Osgoode), of the Bar of Ontario.
Taxation law and administration; national and transnational fiscal policy; gender and economic governance.
Marilyn L. Pilkington
BA (Hons) (Alberta), LLB (Toronto), LLD (Law Society of Upper Canada), of the Bar of Ontario.
Constitutional law, litigation and remedies; evidence; legal education and the legal profession; governance of not-for-profit corporations; administrative tribunals; enforcement of securities laws.
Poonam Puri
LLB (Toronto), LLM (Harvard), of the Bar of Ontario.
Corporate law; securities law; bankruptcy law; criminal law; the economics of litigation; business associations; law of corporate management; criminal law and corporations; legal profession and innovation in legal fees.
Sean Rehaag
BA (UBC), LLB/BCL (McGill), SJD (Toronto)
Immigration and Refugee Law, International Law, Human Rights, Gender and Sexuality, Legal Theory, Legal Pluralism, Legal Process, Clinical Education
Bruce B. Ryder
BA (Western Ontario), LLB (Toronto), LLM (Columbia)
Federalism; constitutional law; equality rights; freedom of expression; censorship; sexuality and the law; Aboriginal rights; Quebec secession.
R. L. Liora Salter
BA (Toronto), MA (Simon Fraser), FRSC
Interdisciplinary research; communications; regulation and public policy.
Craig M. Scott
BA (McGill), BA (Oxford), LLM (London School of Economics), LLB (Dalhousie), of the Bar of Ontario.
Theory and general doctrine of public and private international law; international human rights law; constitutional human rights law; transnational law and governance theory; transnational tort litigation; law and globalization; law and transnational security; transnational regulation of multinational corporations; law and the arts (visual arts, literature, theatre); interdisciplinary theories of interpretation.
Dayna Nadine Scott
LLB (Osgoode), MES (York), PhD (Osgoode), of the Bar of Ontario.
Risk and regulation; local and global environmental governance; sustainability; law and science; biotechnology policy; citizen engagement; toxic torts; and trade and globalization.
Brian Slattery
BA (Hons) (Loyola), BCL (McGill), DPhil (Oxford), FRSC.
Indigenous rights; legal theory; constitutional law; constitutional history.
Sara Slinn
BAH (Queen’s); LLB (UBC); MIR (Queen’s), PhD (Toronto)
Labour and employment law.
Lorne Sossin
BA (McGill), MA (Exeter), PhD (Toronto), LLB (Osgoode), LLM, JSD (Columbia), of the Bar of Ontario
Human Rights Law, Legal Process, Legal Profession, Poverty Law, Public Law
James Stribopoulos
BA (York), LLB (Osgoode), LLM (Columbia), JSD student (Columbia).
Criminal law; criminal procedure; evidence; constitutional law; comparative constitutional law; and policing.
Kate Sutherland
BA, LLB (Sask), SJD (Harvard), of the Bar of Saskatchewan.
Tort law; feminist legal theory; law and sexuality; law and literature.
David Szablowski
MA (Edinburgh), LLB (York), PhD (York)
Law and globalization; regulation and governance theory, transnational law; administrative law; non-state regulation (including market campaigns, CSR, certification institutions); global legal pluralism; extractive industries; indigenous rights; Latin America; international financial institutions; multi-sited ethnography and fieldwork-based research in the global South.
François Tanguay-Renaud
BCL, LLB (McGill), BCL, MPhil, DPhil (Oxon.), of the Bar of Ontario
Jurisprudence, Criminal Law Theory, Public Law Theory, Emergencies and the Law, International Law, Comparative Law.
Eric M. Tucker
BA (Columbia), LLB (Osgoode), LLM (Yale).
Labour and employment law and history; occupational health and safety regulation; legal history.
Gus Van Harten
BA Hons (Guelph), LLB (Osgoode), MES (York), PhD (London School of Economics), of the Bar of Ontario
Administrative and public law
David Vaver
BA, LLB (Auckland), JD (Chicago), MA (Oxon), of the New Zealand bar.
Intellectual property; information technology.
Robert S. Wai
BCom (McGill), MPhil (Oxford), LLB (British Columbia), SJD (Harvard), of the Bars of British Columbia and New York.
International trade regulation; law and international relations; private law theory; international business transactions; conflict of laws.
Edward J. Waitzer
LLB, LLM (Toronto), of the Bars of Ontario and New York
Business law; corporate governance.
Janet E. Walker
BA (Hons), MA (York), LLB (Osgoode), DPhil (Oxford).
Conflict of laws; international commercial arbitration; comparative civil procedure, and international commercial law.
Wil Waluchow
BA, MA (Western Ontario), DPhil. (Oxford)
General jurisprudence; the philosophy of constitutional law.
Garry D. Watson
QC, LLB (Melbourne), LLM (Yale), of the Bar of Ontario.
Civil procedure; class actions; civil justice reform.
Stepan Wood
BA (York), LLB (Osgoode), SJD (Harvard), of the Bar of New York.
Domestic and international environmental law; corporate social responsibility , codes of corporate conduct, voluntary environmental and social standards, environmental management systems, standardization, regulation, governmentality, globalization, non-state actors, legal pluralism, social norms, sustainability and sustainable development, international relations theory.
Alan N. Young
BA (York), LLB (Osgoode), LLM (Harvard), of the Bar of Ontario.
Criminal law; arbitrary detention and the police function; freedom of expression; law and obscenity, constitutional implications of denying criminals literary profits; investigative powers of public inquiries; criminal law and cultural minorities; constitutional and human rights dimensions of drug testing.
Frederick H. Zemans
BA(Hons), LLB (Toronto), of the Bar of Ontario.
Canadian legal profession, access to justice, legal services for low-income persons, and alternative dispute resolution.
Peer Zumbansen
LLB (Frankfurt), PhD (Frankfurt), Licence en droit (Paris), LLM (Harvard), Habilitation (post-doctoral, full-professor qualification) (Frankfurt)
Comparative corporate governance and political economy, legal theory and international law.