Entrance Scholarships and Awards

Students will be automatically considered for all entrance scholarships, provided an Official Financial Statement form is completed and returned by the November 1 deadline as part of the admissions application.  

Numerous entrance scholarships are available to students entering Osgoode on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. Scholarships range in size from a few thousand dollars up to our most prestigious renewable awards at $30,000 over three years. In order to be competitive for scholarships, applicants generally require a LSAT score at the 80th percentile or greater and a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or greater. This may vary for scholarships with specific criteria. Further information about Osgoode’s Entrance Scholarships and Awards procedures can be found here.

Prestigious Renewable Entrance Scholarships and Awards

The Harley D. Hallett Renewable Entrance Scholarships ($30,000 total over three years)
The Honourable William G.C. Howland Award of Excellence Entrance Scholarships ($30,000 total over three years)
Alison J. Youngman/Stikeman Elliott Entrance Award at Osgoode                                                                                          Osgoode Opportunities Renewable Entrance Awards

Award of Excellence Scholarship Fund

Rotates annually:
The John D. Arnup Entrance Scholarship
The Brendan O'Brien Entrance Scholarship
The G. Arthur Martin Entrance Scholarship
The John J. Robinette Entrance Scholarship

Osgoode Centennial National Scholarship Funds

The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for Alberta
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for British Columbia
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for the Maritime Provinces
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for Northern Ontario and Northern Canada
The Leonard C. Outerbridge '14 Entrance Scholarship (Newfoundland)
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for the Prairie Provinces
The Osgoode Centennial Entrance Scholarship for Quebec

Annual Entrance Scholarships

Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP Entrance Scholarship (5 awards)
Bogoroch & Associates Entrance Award
The Louis J. Brody Entrance Scholarship Fund (3 awards for students in joint JD/MBA)
The Fred M. Catzman, Q.C., L.S.M. Award
The Honourable Charles and Anne Dubin Entrance Award
Allan Findlay Memorial Entrance Scholarship (rotates between Osgoode, Queen's and Western)
The Harris Awards for Aboriginal Students
Hennick Scholars Program (awards for students in the joint JD/MBA)
The Honourable R.E. Holland, Q.C. Award
The Ignat Kaneff Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Benjamin Laufer Memorial Entrance Scholarship
Kenneth Laundy Entrance Scholarship (Joint JD/MBA award)
The Stephen George Leggett Q.C. Memorial Entrance Scholarship
The Honourable Bert James MacKinnon Scholarship
The Jim MacNeil Award (Joint JD/MES award)
R. Samuel McLaughlin Foundation Scholars Award (3 awards)
McMillan LLP Awards (minimum of 10 awards)
Miller Thomson LLP National Entrance Award in Law
Patrick J. Monahan Award
Joel Organek Entrance Scholarship
The Robert Orr Entrance Scholarship
Osgoode Hall Law School Equity Entrance Awards (3 awards)
Newton Rowell Entrance Scholarship Fund (3 awards)
Scotiabank JD Entrance Scholarship
The Honourable Ronald E. Sobier Entrance Award
The N. A. Taylor Entrance Scholarship (3 awards)
Teplitsky, Colson Entrance Scholarship
Waterloo Law Association Scholarship

Selected External Entrance Scholarships

The Law Foundation of Newfoundland Entrance Scholarship
The Law Society of Prince Edward Island Scholarship
The William McCallum Memorial Scholarship
Northwest Territories Law Foundation Scholarship


Descriptions of each Entrance Scholarship and Award can be found here.