Journals at Osgoode

The following contemporary legal periodicals are published by Osgoode Hall Law School and/or are edited by, or with the assistance of, our faculty, students and alumni.

The Osgoode Hall Law Journal (OHLJ) has been publishing continuously since 1958 and is currently run by a student board of editors with a faculty editor-in-chief. The Journal has earned a reputation for excellence in publishing scholarly articles that represent a wide range of perspectives about law and legal institutions and for providing thorough, meticulous, and efficient editorial services to our authors. We aim to provide an interdisciplinary forum for legal innovation and for provocative approaches to legal knowledge.

The OHLJ is available online at:

The Canadian Journal of Law and Society (CJLS) is a bilingual periodical publishing cutting edge research in the broad field of law and society scholarship. Rooted in the innovative Canadian Law and Society movement, CJLS features international scholarship concerning the intersection of law and sociology, cultural studies, literature, political science, criminology, history, human rights, gender studies and political economy.

The Canadian Journal of Law and Society is online at:

Canadian Journal of Law and Society

The German Law Journal has secured a place among the world's leading academic fora concerned with transnational law. In 2009 the German Law Journal was ranked as the world's leading "online, peer-reviewed" law journal of any subject matter and as the leading law journal based in Germany. The Journal operates on a highly virtual, digitally networked basis with editors and peer-reviewers working in many different countries and at many different universities. 

The German Law Journal is available online at:


The Transnational Legal Theory Journal has an objective to publish high-quality theoretical scholarship that addresses transnational dimensions of law and legal dimensions of transnational fields and activity.  Central to Transnational Legal Theory's mandate is publication of work that explores whether and how transnational contexts, forces and ideations affect debates within existing traditions or schools of legal thought.

The Transnational Legal Theory Journal is available online at:


The Canadian Tax Journal, first published in 1953, is the flagship research publication of the Canadian Tax Foundation. Published quarterly, it is relied on by policy analysts, accountants, lawyers, economists, business persons, and politicians as a multidisciplinary resource for the analysis, application, and interpretation of tax law, economics, and public finance in Canada.

The Canadian Tax Journal is available online at:


The Canadian Journal of Women and the Law (CJWL) is the only Canadian periodical devoted entirely to the publication and dissemination of multi-disciplinary scholarship in the expanding field of women's legal studies. The CJWL's mandate is to provide an outlet for those wishing to explore the impact of law on women's social, economic and legal status, and on the general conditions of their lives.

The Canadian Journal of Women and the Law is available online at:


The Muslim World Journal of Human Rights (MWJHR) is the only peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the pressing question of human rights in the Muslim world. The journal approaches this complex issue through multiple interdisciplinary lenses: Islam and Islamic law, socio-economic and political factors, institutions, and gender and minority rights.

The Muslim World Journal of Human Rights is available online at:


The Banking and Finance Law Review provides discussion and insight into issues and problems that confront both the legal and financial communities in Canada. Each issue contains information arranged in four sections: articles, commentaries on recent developments in banking both in Canada and internationally, case notes and book reviews.

The Banking and Finance Law Review is available online at:


The Canadian Rights Reporter series reports cases decided under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It contains cases selected and edited by a distinguished board of editors and both reproduces key Charter decisions in full text. Subscribing to this service will ensure that you are kept fully and systematically informed of the fundamental changes effected by the Charter on almost every branch of the law.

The Canadian Rights Reporter is available online at: