Art in the School

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The opening of our new building in 2011 was the catalyst for bringing more art into our public spaces.

The importance of Art in Law

Art is a powerful medium for conveying and examining law’s multiple and often contradictory messages. Additionally, through art and culture, law is humanized. We focus not on abstract principles and constructs but on the stories of those touched by injustice.

In its many iterations art can provoke thought and discussion. It is also a means to reflect on our individual and collective experiences; support the value of diversity; promote social cohesion; and help a community develop its own identity.

Art and Students

In addition, there are student-run initiatives such as the annual International Legal Partnership Photo Essay Project, which helps to raise funds for ILP’s summer fellowships, and the Osgoode Fine Arts Collective, which brings together Osgoode students from fine arts backgrounds to perform at the Law School.

Osgoode also hosts travelling exhibitions such as the “The Face of the Ghetto: Pictures by Jewish Photographers from the Lodz Ghetto, 1940-1944”, “RomaRising” and the “Treaty Canoe.”