Community: Diversity and Inclusion

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Group of JD students

Osgoode is a diverse and supportive community that takes seriously its professional and ethical obligation to serve the public. Osgoode is a place where students, faculty, staff, and partner organizations work together to achieve the common goal of making a difference around the globe through leadership and service both within and beyond the legal profession.

We promote respect of diversity of people and perspectives through our commitment to inclusion. We are dedicated to increasing the diversity of our student body so that it reflects the varied nature of Canadian society. View the latest Entering Class Survey.

Our commitment to community is demonstrated in three ways:

Access to Legal Education

Osgoode has a robust student financial aid program that annually gives out more than $3.5 million in funding to students. This traditional form of student financial aid provides academic merit and financial need- based scholarships, prizes and awards as well as a robust bursary program that provides aid to students with demonstrated financial need.

Unlike other law schools, Osgoode is unique in that it also has a new approach to financial accessibility. Some students may not even apply to law school because they fear the high cost. It is for these applicants that Osgoode has developed a new approach, which includes:

Osgoode also offers a free LSAT Prep course to help high potential undergraduate students with financial need.

Engagement with the Community

We believe that law can make a positive impact and have a social responsibility that will reach beyond our Law School into the local, national and even international communities.

Our students are actively involved in the community through Osgoode’s clinics; the Osgoode Public Interest requirement; and their own student-led International Legal Partnership.

Our faculty has had a tremendous impact on law and policy through their research, writing and participation in outside bodies. We also welcome a variety of visitors to the Law School to enrich the academic discourse.

We partner with leading community organizations such as the Law Commission of Ontario; Law in Action within Schools; Pro-Bono Students Canada; and Success Beyond Limits.

 Supportive Environment

We are committed to helping students succeed in their academic studies and professional careers through our:

  • Academic support through programs such as the Dean’s Fellows, the Dean’s Scribes and various mentor programs.
  • Student Success and Wellness Program, the first of its kind at a law school in Canada, which provides individual counseling and mindfulness meditation sessions, crisis intervention and referral services, and more.
  • Career Development Office that is committed to helping students define and achieve their career goals, through one-on-one counseling, resume review, mock interviews, panels and information sessions, mentoring programs, on-campus interview programs, networking events and programs and workshops.