Ontario Labour Arbitrators – Fundraising Team

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We are a group of labour arbitrators, professional neutrals, resolving disputes between employers and unions throughout Ontario and Canada. Like all Canadians, we were moved by the plight of Syrian refugees and resolved to do what we could to help.

We chose the Osgoode Hall Law School – York University Lifeline Syria Challenge because it is ready – with sponsorship teams ready to go – to use the money we raised to fund the resettlement of one or more Syrian refugee families, and to allow individual donors, if they wish, to become personally involved and work with Osgoode faculty and students.

To make a donation to the Ontario Labour Arbitrators fundraising team, please click here.

Our donors include:

Christopher J. Albertyn, Ian Anderson, Tim Armstrong, Felicity D. Briggs, Diane Brownlee, Kevin M. Burkett, Peter F. Chauvin, Paul Craven, Mary Ellen Cummings, Jane H. Devlin, Michelle Flaherty, Bernard Fishbein, Eli Gedalof, Diane Gee, Russell Goodfellow, Owen V. Gray, Daniel A. Harris, James Hayes, Bram Herlich, Robert Herman, Norman L. Jesin, Lyle Kanee, William Kaplan, M. Brian Keller, Patrick Kelly, Belinda A. Kirkwood, Paula S. Knopf, Deborah Leighton, Leonard Marvy, John McNamee, Marilyn Nairn, Elaine Newman, Margo R. Newman, Jasbir Parmar, Kenneth M. Petryshen, Allen Ponak, Dana Randall, Daniel Randazzo, Christine Schmidt, Brian Sheehan, Owen B. Shime, Lorne Slotnick, Barry Stephens, Susan L. Stewart, Kenneth P. Swan, Andrew Tremayne, Paula Turtle, Tanja Wacyk, Kelly Waddingham, Matthew Wilson.