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The School

  1. Number of years Osgoode Hall Law School was the only accredited law school in Ontario: 70 (1889-1959)
  2. Number of years Osgoode was known as simply “the Law School” or “The Ontario Law School” before being named Osgoode Hall Law School: 35
  3. Number of attempts to create a law school before the permanent establishment of Osgoode Hall Law School in 1889: 3
  4. Year of the first attempt to establish a law school in Ontario: 1862
  5. Year John A. MacDonald was awarded the degree of “Barrister at Law” by Osgoode Hall: 1836
  6. Rank of Osgoode among the oldest common law schools in Canada: 2
  7. Rank of Osgoode among the largest common law schools in Canada in 2014: 1
  8. Number of students in JD, LLM or PhD programs in 2014: 1300
  9. Number of students Osgoode Hall accommodated in the 1820s: 9
    • Number of students Convocation Hall could hold in 1924: 80
    • Number of students Convocation Hall could hold in 1945: 400 
  10. Number of years the Law School was located at Osgoode Hall downtown: 80
  11. Years William Osgoode served as the first Chief Justice of Upper Canada (now Ontario): 1794-1801
  12. Percentage of Osgoode’s 215,100 square-foot building at York University that was renovated in 2011: 89.3%

The Faculty

  1. Number of full-time faculty at Osgoode in 1889: 1; 1935: 3; 1965: 15; 1968: 25; 2014: 60
  2. Number of years Newman W. Hoyles held position of Principal: 29
  3. Number of years John D. Falconbridge held position of Dean: 25
  4. Number of Deans/Principals from 1889 – 2014: 18
  5. Number of times Peter Hogg, Professor Emeritus and former Osgoode Dean, has been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada: 228
  6. Year the Law Society awarded its first honorary doctorate of laws (LLD) to John D. Falconbridge: 1960
  7. Number of Osgoode professors appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada: 3 [Louise Arbour (1999-2004), Gerald Le Dain (1984-1988) and Bora Laskin ‘36 (1970-1984)]
  8. Year Dean Cecil Wright and Professors Bora Laskin, John Willis and Stan Edwards left Osgoode to establish a law school at the University of Toronto: 1949
  9. Year Louise Arbour and Mary Jane Mossman became the first women to be appointed tenure track faculty: 1976-1977

The Alumni

  1. Number of Osgoode graduates who have become Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School: 8 (William Albert Reeve, Newman Wright Hoyles, John Delatre Falconbridge 1899, Cecil Augustus Wright ‘26, Herbert Allen Borden Leal ‘48, Patrick J. Monahan ‘80, Jinyan Li ‘91 (DJur), Lorne Sossin ‘92)
  2. Percentage of the past 15 Attorneys General of Ontario who have been Osgoode grads: 60%
  3. Number of Osgoode alumni since 1889 who have become mayor of Toronto: 4 (Nathan Phillips ‘13, Philip Givens ’49, Barbara Hall ’78, John Tory ’78)
  4. Number of judges on the Supreme Court of Canada since 1889 who were Osgoode grads: 9 (Frank Joseph Hughes 1911, John Robert Cartwright ‘20, Wishart Flett Spence ‘28, Wilfred Judson ‘32, Bora Laskin ‘36, Patrick Kerwin ‘41, Peter deCarteret Cory ‘50, Andromache Karakatsanis ‘80, Malcolm Rowe ’78. )
  5. Number of former Chief Justices of Canada who were Osgoode grads: 3 (John Cartwright ‘20, Bora Laskin ’36, Patrick Kerwin ‘41)
  6. Number of other countries with current Chief Justices who are Osgoode alumni: 2 (Israel and Kenya)
  7. Number of current Ontario Court of Appeal judges who are Osgoode grads and/or former members of faculty: 13
  8. Percentage of Chief Justices of Ontario from 1977-2013 who were Osgoode grads: 100% (William Howland ‘39, Charles Dubin ‘44, Roy McMurtry ‘58, Warren Winkler ‘62)
  9. Year that Vera Parsons, the first woman criminal defence lawyer in Ontario, graduated from Osgoode: 1924
  10. Year George Carter, the first Canadian-born black judge, graduated from Osgoode: 1948
  11. Year Lincoln Alexander ‘53, the first black Canadian to sit in the House of Commons, was appointed Ontario’s Lieutenant-Governor: 1985
  12. Year Ontario Attorney General Ian Scott ‘59 introduced the amendment to the Ontario Human Rights Code to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation: 1987
  13. Year the Honourable Harry LaForme ‘77 became the first Aboriginal appointed to an appellate court in Canada: 2004
    • Year the Honourable Harry LaForme ’77 was the first Indigenous instructor of the “Rights of the Indigenous Peoples” at Osgoode: 1992
  14. Year Clara Brett Martin, first female lawyer in the British Empire, graduated from Osgoode: 1897
  15. Year Ontario renamed the Ministry of the Attorney General building in honour of Clara Brett Martin: 1989
    • Year Ontario removed Clara Brett Martin’s name from the building due to the discovery of her 1915 anti-Semitic letter: 1991
  16. Year Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General building was named in honour of Ian Scott ‘59 and Roy McMurtry ‘58 by Attorney General Michael Bryant ‘92: 2005
  17. Number of the last three York University Chancellors who were Osgoode grads: 3 (Peter Cory ‘50, Roy McMurtry ‘58 and Greg Sorbara ‘81)
  18. Year Kew Dock Yip graduated and became the first Chinese-Canadian lawyer: 1945
  19. Year Gretta Wong Grant graduated and became the first female Chinese-Canadian lawyer: 1946
  20. Year first two graduates of Osgoode LLM degree: 1963 & 1964 Marshall Cohen and Warren Winkler
  21. Year Abraham Lieff ‘26 became the first Jewish judge on the Ontario High Court of Justice: 1963
  22. Number of years that John Tory ‘78 served as President of the Osgoode Hall Law School Alumni Association: 4
  23. Year Laura Legge ‘48 was elected as the first female bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada: 1975
  24. Year Helen Kinnear ‘20 became the first woman in the Commonwealth appointed as a judge to a county-court bench: 1943
  25. Year Raoul Mercier ‘21, Ontario’s only Francophone Crown Attorney until 1961, was appointed to his position: 1935
  26. Year Leonard Braithwaite ‘58 became the first black Canadian elected to a provincial legislature: 1963
  27. Year the Lakeshore Expressway in Toronto was renamed the “Gardiner Expressway” after Fred Gardiner ‘20, first Chairman of Metropolitan Toronto Council: 1957
  28. Year Nathan Phillips Square, named after Nathan Phillips ‘13, Toronto’s 52nd and first Jewish mayor, opened: 1965
  29. Year Osgoode student Ted Rogers ‘61 bought radio station CHFI: 1960

The Students

  1. Years Obiter Dicta, Osgoode’s student newspaper, has been published: 86
  2. Year the Law Society of Upper Canada made it compulsory for articling students living within 10 miles of Toronto to attend lectures: 1855
  3. The length of a term in 1862: 6 weeks
  4. Year the first student society for debates, mock trials and moot courts was formed at Osgoode Hall: 1821
  5. Earliest attempt by law students to join the Law Society of Upper Canada: 1821
  6. Year that Osgoode’s Legal and Literary Society was established: 1876
  7. Number of years the Legal and Literary Society operated prior to the establishment of Osgoode Hall Law School: 13
  8. Number of lectures by leading barristers organized by the Legal and Literary Society in 1880: 32
  9. Number of student clubs and associations at Osgoode in 2014: 62
  10. Number of students starting at Osgoode in 1889: 52
  11. Number of students graduating from Osgoode in 2014: 306
  12. Number of students entering the JD program in 2013 with a graduate degree: 51 master’s, 10 PhD
  13. Percentage of students entering the JD program in 2013 who were born in another country: 28%
  14. Percentage of the 2013 JD entering class who self-identified as a visible or ethnic minority: 28%
  15. Number of black students in the Class of 1948: 1
  16. Number of black students in the Class of 2016: 26
  17. Number of students entering the JD program in 2013 who described their religion as something other than Christian: 70%
  18. Year the Lawyers Club in Ontario lifted its membership restrictions for non-whites and non-Christians: 1952
  19. Year the Lawyers Club admitted its first female members: 1974
  20. Percentage of women in the first graduating class at Osgoode in 1891: 0
    • Percentage of women in the Class of 1975: 10%
    • Percentage of women in the Class of 2016: 53%
  21. Percentage of JD students who self-identified as living with a disability in 2012: 8%
  22. Cost of tuition in 1922: $70; in 1969: $500; 2014: $23,599.32
  23. Number of students at York University when it opened in 1960: 76
  24. Number of full-time students at York University in 2014: 45, 095
  25. Total number of LLM, PhD/DJur graduates including Osgoode Professional Development (OPD): 2961
  26. Number of countries students entering the LLM at OPD came from in 2014:28
  27. Percentage increase in the number of certificates offered by OPD from 2010 to 2014: 18%
  28. Percentage who attended OPD events through webcasting in 2005: 0%; 2014: 40%
  29. Year Osgoode’s Black Law Students’ Association established the Lincoln Alexander ‘53 Award and presented it to the Honourable Michael Tulloch ‘89: 2013
  30. Number of years Osgoode students have produced “Mock Trial,” now a variety show: 120
  31. Number of years Osgoode students have organized the “Wendy Babcock Drag Show” in memory of an inspiring JD student: 3
  32. Number of Wendy Babcock Back-End Debt Relief Bursaries awarded in 2014: 8
  33. Year that the first Aboriginal students were admitted to the LLB program: 1974
  34. Average articling salary in 1959: $15/week
  35. Number of Osgoode students who served in World War I: 200+
  36. Number of Osgoode students who served in World War II: 177
  37. Total number of students at Osgoode in 1944: 325
  38. Total number of students at Osgoode in 1947: 800
  39. Number of years Osgoode’s football team, the “Legals,” played in the Ontario Rugby Football League against teams such as the Hamilton Tigers and the Toronto Argonauts: 8 (1891-1898)
  40. Year Osgoode captured the national rugby championship (the precursor to the Grey Cup): 1892 (Osgoode Hall defeated Montreal 45-5)

The Research

  1. Value of the estate that student Thomas Brown Phillips Stewart left to the Law Society of Upper Canada to establish a student library in 1892: $7,599.65
  2. Number of books in the student library in 1924: 2,500
  3. Where Osgoode’s law library, with more than 500,000 volumes, ranks among law libraries in the Commonwealth : 1
  4. Number of downloads from Osgoode’s Digital Commons in its first six months: 100,000
  5. Number of contemporary Osgoode legal periodicals produced by faculty, students and alumni: 9
  6. Number of years the Osgoode Hall Law Journal has been published: 57
  7. Number of downloads from the SSRN Osgoode Legal Studies Research Paper Series: 91,974
  8. Number of research centres and institutes at Osgoode: 6
  9. Number of conferences and symposia held at Osgoode in 2013: 40
  10. Year the Law Commission of Ontario came to Osgoode: 2007
  11. Number of Osgoode professors who have been “Scholars in Residence” at the Law Commission of Ontario: 9

The Curriculum

  1. Number of years that law school at Osgoode Hall was only part-time: 60
  2. Year Osgoode first granted the LLB degree: 1960
  3. Year pre-1960 Osgoode Barrister-at-Law graduates could apply for an LLB degree: 1991
  4. Number of years that Osgoode law degrees have been designated as “Juris Doctor”: 5
  5. Year Osgoode partnered with Schulich School of Business to offer Canada’s first law & business degree program: 1972
  6. Year Osgoode partnered with the Faculty of Environmental Studies to offer Canada’s first law & environmental studies degree program: 1974
  7. Year Osgoode became the first law school in Canada to open an Office of Experiential Education: 2012
  8. Year Osgoode became the first Canadian law school to approve an experiential degree requirement (praxicum) for the JD program: 2012
  9. Percentage increase in experiential opportunities since the introduction two years ago of the praxicum: 54%
  10. Year Osgoode became the first law school in Canada to require 40 hours of public interest service as a graduation requirement: 2006
  11. Total student placement hours completed since the introduction of the public interest requirement : 133,748+
  12. Number of clinical and intensive programs at Osgoode in 2014: 12
  13. Year Osgoode became the first law school in North America to establish a full-term clinical lawyering program ( Parkdale): 1971
  14. Number of mooting and skills competitions in which Osgoode teams participated in 2014: 25
  15. Year Osgoode won the world’s first Twitter Moot hosted by West Coast Environmental Law: 2012
  16. Number of applications received for Osgoode’s Artist in Residence program when it began in 2013: 125
  17. Number of years Osgoode’s Community & Legal Aid Services Program (CLASP) has been running: 45
  18. Year Osgoode’s Innocence Project was established: 1997
  19. Number of Osgoode’s law school exchange partners in 2014: 24
  20. Number of Osgoode students studying on exchange in 2014: 41
  21. Year that Osgoode moved to an optional upper-year curriculum: 1968
  22. Number of courses offered at Osgoode Hall Law School in 1896: 28
  23. Number of courses offered at Osgoode Hall Law School in 2013: 135


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