Communication regarding Changes with Osgoode Internal Research & Dean’s Funds

May 1, 2019

Notification of Process Changes with Osgoode Internal Research and Dean’s Funding

Dear faculty,

The Office of the Associate Dean Research, in collaboration with the Dean and the Executive Office, has reviewed the Research Intensification Funds (RIF), as well as Dean’s Office funds that applied to faculty research.

In our review, we noted that there were multiple application deadlines, complex application forms and multiple offices to apply to for funding. Our goal with this review was to streamline processes, reduce the number of places that faculty had to apply to and coordinate all research related funds. Our hope is that this will improve the experience for faculty by simplifying processes, and will result in Osgoode being able to track research funds more effectively. This last point aligns with tracking requirements that Faculties will now be accountable for to the VPRI.

Overview of the Changes:

All applications for faculty funding will be listed in one place on the web – on My Osgoode – under Faculty page/ Research / Osgoode Internal Funding.

Dean’s Office Funds

The Teaching & Learning Faculty Grant will continue to be applied for and managed through the Dean’s Office and the application will be listed on My Osgoode.

Other funds that were previously part of Dean’s Office research funding for faculty will now be administered along with the Research Intensification Fund.

Research Intensification Fund (RIF)

The number of RIF categories has been reduced and instead of multiple forms, there will now be two applications for RIF separated by who is applying for the funds.

The application for Osgoode faculty revises the categories of funding but more clearly aligns with our Faculty research objectives. There will be no application deadline moving forward for either fund, however applications will be assessed at four different periods throughout the year (May 1, July 15, Sept 15, Jan 15).

Please note that the amounts of funding available to faculty is not changing, only the process by which faculty access the money.

We hope this realignment will better support our research culture at Osgoode.

Best regards,

Mary Condon, Dean

Sara Slinn, Associate Dean Research