Student Team

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The Investor Protection Clinic is operated by a team of highly-educated and motivated students. Many students have a business, finance, economics, or related background that helps them in understanding the complex issues faced by the Clinic. All legal work conducted by the Clinic is approved by highly-qualified lawyers that are from the Clinic’s supervising law firm. The Academic Director manages the daily operations of the Clinic and conducts the teaching component.

The following students are caseworkers at the Clinic in 2018-2019:

  • Laura Abate
  • Ayah Al-Sharari
  • Eric Cheng
  • Emraan Dharsi
  • Awale Deria
  • Trevor Fairlie
  • Paniz Ghazanfari
  • Ilona Larionova
  • Vahini Sathiamoorthy
  • Max Ledger
  • Susan Mansuri
  • Ellery O’Hara
  • Shruti Ramesh
  • Adam Voorberg
  • Shiyang Wang