Academic Offences and Appeals

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CLASP helps York University students who have been accused of academic or behaviour misconduct under the York University Senate Policy on Academic Honesty.

How CLASP Can Help

CLASP can help you with your academic offence in a number of ways. We can provide:

  • Summary advice for alleged student misconduct or academic honesty offences;
  • Representation at exploratory meetings; and
  • Representation at full hearings.

Please be aware that CLASP DOES NOT assist with grade appeals. If you would like to appeal a grade, please contact York Federation of Students.

York University’s Procedure for Academic Misconduct

Exploratory Meeting

The first stage of an academic offence is the exploratory meeting. The exploratory meeting is attended by the professor and/or teaching assistant who has accused the student of academic misconduct, as well as the Dean’s office of that department.

What is the exploratory meeting for?

The purpose of this meeting is to find out what happened. It is a chance for the student and the faculty to tell their sides of the story. At the beginning of the meeting, it is likely that there will be disagreement as to what actually happened. During the meeting, both sides will negotiate to find a version of events to which they both agree.

What happens after negotiation?

The University will ask the student to sign a form that says the student and the University agree to the version of events negotiated at the exploratory meeting. The student may be asked to admit to the charge and sign a form confirming their guilt.  If you sign this form, the University will then determine the appropriate penalty.

I didn’t do anything. What if I don’t agree with the version of events that the University wants me to agree to?

If you don’t admit to academic dishonesty and you do not sign the form, your case proceeds to a hearing.

What happens if I sign the form and admit to the academic offence?

If you admit to an academic offence, CLASP will be unable to get rid of your charge. You will be charged with academic misconduct. However, we can help negotiate the punishment.