Social Work Services

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CLASP runs an interdisciplinary educational legal clinic. At CLASP, law students and social work students can work together to offer integrated support for our clients. We recognize that some of our clients are struggling with issues that go far beyond their legal problems or that they need to work with someone to help attain their goals. This is where our social work students can step in.

What can a social work student do for me?

Application Support

Social work students can work with you to complete applications and fill in forms for subsidized housing, Ontario Disability Support Program, academic institutions, special diet allowance, Ontario Works, and Ontario Student Assistance Program.

Brief Supportive Counseling

This includes safety planning, anxiety management, depression support, and solution focused discussions while we put you in touch with longer term and more intensive counseling services. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide long-term counseling supports at this time.

Hearing/Court Support

Going to court or a hearing can be a difficult, anxiety generating process. It can sometimes require us to relive traumatic experiences or ask that we speak publicly. Social work students can provide emotional support to help you through this process.

Helpful Referrals

Social work students can put you in touch with other specialized and supportive community agencies that can better serve you. This can include mental health services, counselors, employment services, family supports, support groups, educational assistance, etc. We will work with you throughout this process to help transition you into the program that best fits your needs.

I am not interested. Will this affect my legal case?

No, the law student will continue to act as your caseworker. The law student will still work with you and represent you in court or at a hearing.

I am interested. What should I do next?

When you next speak with your caseworker let them know you are interested in social work services. The caseworker will help you fill out an application form, either over the phone or in person. This application does not guarantee social work services.

One of our social work students will assess this application to see if we can actually offer you social work support. It will take us about 10 days to make this assessment and get in touch with you. Even if we cannot offer you social work services, we will try to refer you to someone else who can help.

Voluntary & Supervised

Our social work services are voluntary. If you later decide you don’t want to work with us, that is completely fine as our services are easy to discontinue. Similarly, you can apply for our social work services at any time during your legal case.

Like the law students, the social work students at CLASP are supervised by experienced staff members who provide guidance.