Our Vision, Mission, and Values

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Our Vision

Community and Legal Aid Services Programme (CLASP) is an interdisciplinary Student Legal Aid Services Society committed to the realization of social justice.

Our Mission

CLASP is dedicated to achieving social justice through Education, Advocacy, and Community engagement.


CLASP is an opportunity for students to acquire and apply knowledge in a diverse clinical setting. Experiential learning allows students to develop the skills and values that assist them to become critical and reflective practitioners.


CLASP works with people with low incomes to represent and advance their interests before courts, administrative bodies and bureaucracies. In addition, the clinic recognizes the adverse impacts that laws and their application have on marginalized communities, and pursues change through a broad spectrum of initiatives.


CLASP engages collaboratively with communities to challenge oppression and remove the barriers that prevent people from fully participating in the issues that affect their lives. Our clinic focuses on marginalized communities and encourages students to join the collective dialogue, process and action towards creating social change.

Our Values

Critical community lawyering and social work
Collaborative learning
Communities’ resilience and resistance
Elimination of poverty
Expansion of human rights
Equality, dignity and worth of all