The Clinic’s Process

The Investor Protection Clinic reviews each request for legal assistance. Whether or not the Clinic can provide you with legal services will be determined on a case-by-case basis. The Clinic will decide whether or not to take you on as a client by considering factors such as, but not limited to: income, assets, net worth, and the nature of the concerns.

The Process

There are four steps to determine whether the Clinic will be able to assist you.

Step one: Fill out the online form after reviewing the rest of this page.

Step two: After receiving the form, a representative from the Clinic will contact you. If the Clinic might be able to provide you with assistance, the student will request an in-person meeting with you. Please note that the information you provide to the Clinic will be anonymized and used for research purposes, even if the Clinic is unable to provide you with assistance.

Step three: Attend an in-person meeting with Clinic staff. Please bring any documents you have that support your concerns.

Step four: Following the interview, the Clinic will review your concerns in detail. If the Clinic is able to provide you with legal advice, you will be required to sign an agreement (called a retainer agreement) outlining what the Clinic will help you with. The Clinic has not agreed to provide you with legal services unless and until you have signed a retainer agreement.