Beyond Bay St.: Starting up a Small or Solo Practice

Quick Info
(3550.03)  Seminar
Professor F. Bhabha & M. Pearlman; Adjunct Professor
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
Seminar, discussion, simulations
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

This seminar critically explores the decisions and challenges which face legal practices in the current changing context. Those interested in starting a practice as a solo practitioner or within a small firm structure face at least some significantly different challenges to those in large law firms with significant support staff and an existing management structure. While some of the challenges are the same (a changing landscape, ethical rules and LSO as a regulator), many are profoundly different, and even those that are the same affect practices very differently depending on the size/organization of the practice.    

The seminar encourages students to consider their place as professionals serving local communities.  The seminar will include broad engagement with the legal community, including guest lectures and panel discussions.  The seminar will guide students through the questions which need to be answered in setting up and running an ethical, professional small or solo legal practice, and the larger changes which are shaping the landscape in which these practices operate. Through lectures, presentations, discussions, and assignments, students will consider the steps to be taken and choices to be made in creating a legal career as a solo practitioner or within a small firm structure.