Land Development & Commercial Real Estate Problems

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(5160.03)  Seminar
M. Gross; Adjunct Professor
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
Discussion, problem solving based on fact situation
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

The seminar deals with a broad range of subject matter within the context of land development and commercial real estate. Its focus is on developing problem-solving techniques to deal with the issues raised by the subject matter. The areas covered by the seminar include planning and land use control issues related to subdivisions and urban developments, commercial real estate including a discussion of various business entities used in real estate transactions such as limited partnerships, joint ventures and co-tenancies; current problems respecting condominiums; a discussion of institutional and secondary financing, consideration of ground leasing techniques; mixed use developments, public-private partnerships and commercial leases, and the negotiation of agreements of purchase and sale.