Regulation of the Canadian Cannabis Industry

Quick Info
(3592K.03)  Seminar
R. Hall & M. Taschereau; Adjunct Professors
3 credit(s)  2 hour(s);
In-person lecture, discussion, presentations
Upper Year Research & Writing Requirement

This seminar focuses on the regulation of the Canadian cannabis industry. We will consider the policy considerations that have contributed to the development of the medicinal and recreational cannabis regulatory regime and examine the legal impact this regime has had and will have on industry participants and the Canadian public generally.  Among the topics considered are: (i) the history and policy goals of the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis; (ii) the regulation of the industry and the market in the United States and internationally; (iii) the Canadian regulatory regime for medicinal and recreational cannabis; (iv) the regulation of edible, concentrate and topical cannabis products in Canada; (v) the provincial patchwork approach to the regulation of distribution of cannabis and the impact on the market; (vi) Indigenous communities considerations; (vii) equity and debt financing by industry participants; (viii) the regulation of branding, packaging and promotion of cannabis products; (ix) insolvency and creditor realization issues specific to the cannabis industry; (x) employment and workplace safety issues; and (xi) the impact of legalization on international affairs, such as United States customs and border policies, international trade and compliance with international treaties. We will also explore a select number of specialized and emerging topics (such as the regulation of psychedelics/hallucinogenics).