Margaret E. Beare

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Professor Margaret Beare’s career combines academic teaching with research and policy development. Her research interests are transnationalization of crime and law enforcement; public and private policing; organized crime; women and the criminal justice system; money laundering; public policing strategies and corrections. Former Director of the Jack and Mae Nathanson Centre for the Study of Organized Crime and Corruption, Professor Beare has been involved in police research for more than 20 years. She served 11 years with the Department of the Solicitor General Canada–two years as Director of Police Policy and Research. Her book, Criminal Conspiracies: Organized Crime in Canada (Toronto: Nelson Canada, 1996), was the first academic book to look at organized crime in Canada and to trace the development of the concept and the legislation, and remains the point of reference for scholarship in the field.  Her edited book, entitled Critical Reflections on Transnational Organized Crime, Money Laundering, and Corruption, was published in 2003 by University of Toronto Press. Two more books were also published by U of T Press in the Spring of 2007. Money Laundering in Canada: The Chasing of Dirty and Dangerous Dollars is a follow-up to a 1990 report entitled Tracing of Illicit Funds: Money Laundering in Canada that she co-authored with Stephen Schneider. The second book is a co-edited manuscript pertaining to police independence entitled Police and Government Relations: Who’s Calling the Shots. During 2015 she published two new books–a new edition of Criminal Conspiracies: Organized Crime in Canada (Oxford Press), and a co-edited book titled Putting the State on Trial: The Policing of Protest During the G20 Summit (UBC Press).

Research Interests: Policing, transnational crime and enforcement, money laundering and research related to the functioning of the criminal justice system

Graduate Research Supervision (LLM, PhD): I will not be accepting new students in 2019-2020 because of a planned sabbatical in that year.