MyOsgoode Portal

Service Details

The MyOsgoode portal is the gateway for faculty, staff and students access to current information and Osgoode services.  The portal provides personalized content to faculty, staff and students.

Sign into the portal using your Passport York credentials.

Services for All Users

  • Daily announcements and calendar events
  • QuickLinks to department sites and resources

Services for Faculty and Staff

  • Portal content management
  • Course groups
  • Osgoode Events Calendar updates
  • Submitting announcements
  • Access to forms and publications

Services Provided to Students

  • Assignment and Exam Dropboxes
  • Access to official publications
  • Online registration forms and applications
  • Access to recorded lectures
  • Access to course websites
  • Course and Seminar information (Syllabus)

Submitting a Calendar Event

  • Sign into MyOsgoode
  • Click on Calendar and submit your request
  • The Office of the Dean approves the submissions before they are posted
  • Students should go through Legal & Lit for updating calendar events

Available For

  • Osgoode Students
  • Non-Osgoode students Enrolled in Osgoode Courses
  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty
  • Visiting / Adjunct Faculty


There is no charge for this service.