Program Requirements

The following courses are required for both LLM and PhD degrees:

  • Graduate Seminar
  • Study Group (one for the LLM degree and up to three for the PhD)
  • Elective courses

Graduate Seminar

Both LLM and PhD students must complete Graduate Seminar I:  Legal Research.  PhD students are encouraged to also complete Graduate Seminar II:  Advanced Legal Research Methodologies.

Graduate Seminar I: Legal Research (GS LAW 6610)

Graduate Seminar I is the core course for the Graduate Program in Law.  It is designed to work in tandem with and complement other courses. The Seminar provides a venue for developing critical assessments of the law, while facilitating students’ own progress with their research and writing of their thesis and dissertation proposals.  Seminar participation provides students with intellectual community.  As well, the Seminar introduces students to the intellectual resources at Osgoode.

Graduate Seminar II: Advanced Legal Research Methodologies (GS LAW 6611)

The seminar in advanced legal research methodologies will offer a review of both quantitative and qualitative research methods employed in legal research. Specific sessions may include interviewing, ethnographic methods, surveys and other quantitative methods, data collection and analysis, archival and document collection and analysis. The seminar is designed for PhD students and is to be completed in the winter semester.

Study Groups

There are five study groups that students can choose from based on their research interests:

  • Regulation and Governance
  • Law & Economic Relations
  • Theoretical Perspectives in Legal Research
  • Law and Social Justice
  • Law in a Global Context.

Study Groups are not structured as courses, but instead function as reading and discussion group.. Students read and discuss a significant number of articles weekly.

For PhD students, this serves as the equivalent of comprehensive examinations that are often required by other Graduate Programs.

Elective Courses

Both Research LLM and PhD Students are able to fulfill their elective courses through:

  • a variety of graduate courses within law
  • integrated courses with the JD program
  • independent study
  • courses in other programs