Business Law Intensive

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The Intensive Program in Business Law provides an opportunity for students to obtain clinical legal experience in the field of business law. This program is designed to provide students with in-depth exposure to several areas of advanced business law, reflecting on current strategies used by business to finance expansion, enhance market value of shares, combine for greater productivity and efficiency, and meet the continuing challenges of globalization and changes in information technology.

Students will be exposed to corporate income tax, banking, securities, competition, intellectual property, pension, real estate and general corporate/commercial law mixtures, mainly in actual or simulated transactional settings. Commercial negotiation and litigation, using examples of an insolvency restructuring, will also be covered. The program will also provide students with a contextualized learning experience, through placements with business enterprises or large public corporations.

The program is divided into 3 modules:

  • The first module is an intensive seminar lasting two or three weeks, covering a range of business law topics.
  • The second module consists of a placement with the legal department of a business enterprise in the industrial or service sectors, or in a large public institution. The Program Director will work with each student to make every effort to facilitate placement in a setting matching the interests and skills of the student. The Program Director will carry out the detailed arrangement of the placement itself, but students may make their own contacts. In all instances the Director will make final decisions on placements. Students, supervised by in-house counsel, are expected to provide the placement client with legal assistance. Throughout the placement period, students are expected to attend weekly classes taught by the Program Director, other Osgoode Faculty members, and practitioners. These classes will provide training to prepare and assist students with their clinic work.
  • The third module has students return to the classroom for an intensive seminar consisting of presentations and reflections upon their placements, discussions, and assignments.

**Note: Not offered for the 2018-19 academic year.