Disability Law Intensive Program

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The Disability Law Intensive (DLI) is a clinical intensive program offered by Osgoode Hall Law School in partnership with ARCH Disability Law Centre.

Students begin their participation in the DLI with a skills/orientation week at the ARCH office. This process orients students to the ARCH offices, the work of the clinic as well as essential skills (interviewing, writing, disability issues). Students begin their placement at ARCH the first week of classes and continue to the end of the academic year on a part-time basis. The seminar is bi-weekly throughout the academic year for a total of approximately 14 classes spread out over the Fall and Winter terms. The seminar is generally held at Osgoode Hall Law School. Students are also required to complete a research paper.

The DLI program allows students to engage in individual client and systemic advocacy. Students enrolled in the DLI program have a demonstrated commitment to social justice and to the eradication of barriers facing people with disabilities, and embrace the understanding of social and rights-based models of disability.