Test Case Litigation Project

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The Test Case  Litigation Project consists of a placement with one or more leading Canadian litigators currently working on a case of major significance, an academic seminar, and a research paper. The program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of test case and appellate litigation while being exposed to numerous leading litigators in the Canadian legal system, as well as honing critical research, writing, and oral advocacy skills.

The Fall seminar will begin with a focus on legal research and writing skills, and will progress to covering topics related to oral and written advocacy, procedure, and the use of social scientific and expert evidence in test case and appellate litigation. Students will benefit from the experiences of guest lecturers drawn from among the leading practitioners and judges of the Canadian bar. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to participate in a mooting exercise, and to travel to court to observe an ongoing appellate case.

As a means of bridging the academic and practical aspects of the program, students will complete a research paper in the Winter semester that affords them the opportunity to reflect on their experiences in the seminar and during their placement. Students will regularly consult the Clinic Director during the writing process; the substance of the research papers will vary according to each student’s particular interests and experiences, and will include a major reflective component.