Funding Study Abroad

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A carefully planned budget will allow you to make an informed decision about whether you can afford to study abroad and will help ensure that you can enjoy the educational, personal, and career enhancing experiences without adding financial worries that will have an impact on your studies after you return.

The cost of studying abroad varies considerably from program to program. When calculating how much an exchange will cost, students should include:

  • the cost of tuition
  • visas and study permits
  • accommodation, food and incidentals
  • air-fare
  • local travel
  • health insurance
  • currency exchange rates.

Funding Sources

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

If you are a full-time registered student during the formal exchange term you may apply for OSAP.  You will need to complete and submit a supplemental form that provides specific program dates at your host institutions.  The additional form must be submitted to the Office of Admissions & Student Services and it will be forwarded to York University Financial Services on your behalf.  If you are not from Ontario, check with your provincial government’s student loan program.Students are advised to apply as early as possible as OSAP problems are difficult to solve once outside the country. Students who submit their applications by June 30 will have their tuition due date deferred from September 10 to October 10.If you will not be here to pick up your OSAP funds, and wish to have another person (parents, friends) do so on your behalf, you must authorize a designated party to do the paperwork for you. The steps are:

Complete the Third Party Access Permission Form – this allows staff to release the appropriate student loan forms to your designated party.

If you are authorizing your designate to sign the loan documents on your behalf, you must complete two Power of Attorney Forms:

The Ontario Power of Attorney form for your Ontario Student Loan

The HRSDC Power of Attorney for the Canada Student Loan portion of your entitlement

If you are not from Ontario, you need to present the same documents, but instead of completing the Ontario Power of Attorney form, submit your province’s Power of Attorney form. Please visit CanLearn and your province’s student loan website for more details.

Osgoode Bursaries

Students paying tuition at Osgoode during their exchange may apply for bursaries through the Osgoode Bursary Program.The Osgoode Bursary Program has a single application deadline in September.   However, students planning to study abroad in the fall term may complete and submit their application and supporting documentation prior to their departure.  The Financial Services Office will contact such students in late July or early August to confirm whether they wish to submit an early application.Letter of permission and summer program students pay tuition to their host institution and are not eligible for Osgoode bursaries for that period. Students on exchange for a single term may apply to the Osgoode Bursary Program if they are paying Osgoode fees for the term they study at Osgoode.

York International Mobility Award (YIMA)

YIMA is a needs-based award intended to offset part of the cost of airfare. Applications are received at the York International office on an ongoing basis.