Osgoode Summer Abroad Programs

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Osgoode Hall Law School’s summer study abroad programs enable students to experience the benefits of an exchange without spending a full semester away from Osgoode.

  • Students may take one to three seminars through the summer study program.
  • Summer seminars are taught between May and August and are typically  three to four weeks long.

Students participating in the summer study immediately following first year will receive a maximum of eight transfer credits, while those participating in the summer study after second year will receive a maximum of four transfer credits. Summer transfer credits will count toward the upper-year JD credit total however, students must still maintain full-time status (between 13 and 17 credits)  in each of the fall and winter terms.

Students must pass all courses and provide Osgoode with final transcripts from their exchange institution to receive course credit towards their Osgoode JD degree.  Grades from international programs are not calculated into the Osgoode GPA.  There is a notation on the Osgoode transcript that indicates the student was abroad for summer study and to consult the other school’s transcript for grades.


Each summer program has a different application process. Email notifications and application instructions are sent out for each program, usually in December and January.   There are separate deadlines for each program. Monash University applications are usually due in mid-January and Hebrew University applications in mid-February. Bucerius Law School sets its own deadlines each year.

Summer Study Abroad Partners

Country Institution Language of Instruction Academic Sessions
Germany Bucerius Law School English Summer
Israel Hebrew University English Summer
Italy & Malaysia Monash University English Summer