Student Clubs and Organizations

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Smiling Osgoode students sitting by orange fence in yellow t-shirts

Osgoode has a very active group of students who have founded and participate in over 40 student clubs and organizations.  No matter what your interests, there is a club, organization or group for you!

Student Government

The Legal and Literary Society (“Legal and Lit”) was founded in 1876 and is responsible for coordinating and funding the numerous professional, athletic, social and extracurricular activities at Osgoode.  Legal and Lit is the primary student government of the Law School, and works in collaboration with Student Caucus to provide student services to help keep our Law School one of the most prestigious in Canada.

Legal and Lit is governed by a group of individuals, the Executive, who are elected annually from all three years of the JD program. However, every JD student of Osgoode Hall is a member of Legal and Lit and everyone is encouraged to participate and become involved.

Student Caucus, the student government in charge of overseeing academic affairs, was created by Legal and Lit in 1972. Currently, Student Caucus is funded by Legal and Lit, and both the President and VP Internal of Legal and Lit are voting members of Student Caucus. Additionally, the Student Caucus Chair sits as a voting member on the Legal and Lit Executive.

Beyond student government, there are a diverse array of clubs, organizations and associations with which you may become involved during your time at Osgoode, and through which you will meet people who will become lifelong friends, networking contacts, and mentors.

Writing and other Activities

Legal Interest Groups

Special Interest Associations