Adam F. Fanaki Competition Law Moot

The Adam F. Fanaki Competition Law Moot, formerly Canadian Competition Law Moot, is organized by the Competition Bureau. This gives Canadian law students the chance to manage complex civil or criminal issues in a growing field of law that strives to balance private economic incentives with the public interest. Participants can obtain feedback from top law enforcers, judges, and specialist practitioners in an intimate setting. This event is also a valuable networking opportunity for anyone interested by a career in law.  Please click here for more information.

What You Need to Know

  • Each team must make written submissions and argue both the applicant and respondent sides
  • It is expected that each faculty team will participate in two preliminary rounds; there will be one  final round
  • The Moot will be held at the Federal Court in Toronto


  • The team is comprised of four students
  • Interested students should apply through the upper year consolidated mooting tryouts


  • Team members receive three graded credits for their participation, which will be applied in the Winter term
  • Team members are required to enroll in the Appellate Advocacy Workshop, and will receive two credits for their participation, which will be applied in the Fall term
  • Team members of the Canadian Competition team are expected to have completed, or be enrolled in Regulation of Competition by the Fall of the year they compete