Dentons Cup

The Dentons Cup is a negotiation competition organized by the Osgoode Advocacy Society and sponsored by Dentons Canada LLP.  Students participating in the competition negotiate in teams of two to obtain the best possible outcome for their “client” based on a complex fact pattern that includes confidential facts and instructions. Teams are scored based on the outcome achieved for their client as well as on the team’s planning, flexibility, teamwork, ability to deal with ethical issues, and on a self-analysis of the team’s performance conducted at the end of the negotiation. The competition is unscripted and there are minimal formalities other than, for instance, prescribed time limits for each negotiation round. The participants themselves determine the conduct of the negotiation, based on their negotiation styles, strategies, and ability to communicate with the opposing teams. Participants may attempt to be conciliatory, attempt a “win-win” outcome, or take “hard-nosed” positions.  As in the real world, all of these tactics may be used with varying degrees of success. As a result, each negotiation varies from the next, leading to a dynamic and exciting competition that is unlike a traditional moot court competition.

This three-day competition generally attracts up to 80 teams engaging in a series of negotiations and culminates in the top teams being invited to the final rounds which take place at the Toronto office of Dentons Canada LLP. The competition also serves as a tryout for competitive advocacy teams to compete at events such as the Canadian National Negotiation Competition.