Frozen Open Osgoode Moot

The Frozen Open Osgoode Moot (FOOM) is a non-competitive moot that is organized by the Osgoode Mooting Society and is open to all Osgoode students who have not yet had mooting experience. This moot takes place in late January or early February. It is intended to provide an opportunity for students to develop their oral advocacy skills in a non-competitive environment and to receive feedback from lawyers and students with mooting experience. While the majority of FOOM participants are first-year students, the competition is open to all Osgoode students and encourages those interested in oral advocacy to get involved.   Students typically moot a recent Supreme Court of Canada decision in front of a fictitious appeal court of last resort, the High Court of Osgoode Hall. The FOOM also doubles as the tryout for the first-year Baby Gale team.