Lerners Cup

The Lerners Cup is a moot organized by the Osgoode Mooting Society. This moot gives first-year students, regardless of experience or ability, their first chance to get a taste of oral advocacy and develop their oral advocacy skills.  The competition is sponsored by Lerners LLP and usually takes place in October.

The competition is open to first-year students exclusively. Students compete in teams of two. Each team represents one party in a fictitious appeal.  Each student has seven minutes to present oral argument, i.e. 14 minutes per team. This time allotment includes time for judges’ questions. No research is required beyond reading the assigned case. Competitors do not submit written arguments as this is strictly an oral advocacy competition.

The level of advocacy is high, but the pressure is low. The Lerners Cup is a fantastic way for students to dip their toes into the waters of competitive mooting and receive constructive feedback from legal professionals about oral advocacy.