Tuition and Fees

2021-2022 JD Program Fee

  Domestic International
Tuition $24,802.26 $36,560.62
Ancillary Fees $1083.02 $1083.02
Total $25,885.28 $37,643.64

You do not receive a formal invoice or tuition statement.  Rather, your tuition and fees will be posted on your student account online.

Your York student account reflects all charges (tuition, fees and on-campus rent) and credits (payments, scholarships, bursaries, etc). It is your responsibility to review your student account to ensure that transactions are correct.

Joint Program Fees


The JD/MBA Program is comprised of eight terms.  In total, you will pay Osgoode tuition for 5 terms and Schulich tuition for 3 terms.  For more information about when you pay which school, please contact the Financial Services Office.  Please check the Schulich website to view their current tuition.

JD/MES and JD/MA Philosophy

Students in the JD/MES and JD/MA Philosophy program pay Osgoode tuition for all terms spent at Osgoode (6 terms in total) and the other faculty’s tuition when completing work at the other faculty.  Please review the relevant faculty’s website to confirm their current tuition.

Registration Deposit

First year students must pay a $450 registration deposit by the deadline specified with their offer of admission. 

Tuition Payment

Tuition and ancillary fees are due in two installments:

  • Fall tuition is due on the first day of classes
  • Winter tuition is due on January 10

*Ontario Students applying for OSAP: If you are an Ontario resident who applied for OSAP by June 30th, you will automatically receive a deferral of your first half of tuition until October 10 or when you receive your OSAP.  This deferral applies only to Ontario students.  For more information about applying for OSAP click click here.

Web/Telephone Banking

Your York student number is the York “account” number you will use when paying your bill through online banking.  For further details, please click here or visit your bank’s website.

Scholarship Recipients

Any entrance and upper year scholarships which you have been awarded will be applied towards your tuition.  You are responsible for paying the balance.

Waivers and Payments by a Third Party

For more information on fee waivers and fees paid by external agencies (including Indigenous and First Nations governments) click here.  

If you do not pay the “minimum payment” due to the University by the required date, you will be subject to interest charges.

York University may withhold enrollment, graduation privileges, academic services, transcript requests and other services for any student until all financial liabilities are settled. It is your responsibility to make arrangements to cover the cost of your education and meet all payment deadlines.

Under exceptional circumstances, Osgoode and the University may agree to discuss payment arrangements. Students who cannot pay the full amount of their fees by the due date are expected to make arrangements for monthly payments to reduce their outstanding balance as quickly as possible. Students experiencing difficulty meeting their financial obligations should contact the Office of Student Financial Services.