Remote Exams

Please find below detailed and important information regarding the administration of the Fall 2021 exam period.

Exam Schedule

  • All exams will be completed by students remotely on the date and time published in the First -Year Exam Schedule and Upper Year Exam Schedule
  • Final papers/assignments are due at 3:30 pm on Monday, December 6 (unless an earlier date has been set by your instructor) and must be submitted to the Osgoode online assignment dropbox.

Remote Exams

  • All exams will be held remotely, from any location that is convenient and accessible to the student.
  • All remote exams will start at the time set out in the exam schedules. Check your exam date/times at the First Year Exam Schedule and the Upper Year Exam Schedule

Remote Exam Formats

Your exams will be set in one of the following three formats.  Your instructor will let you know which format will be set for your course.

  • Standard Remote Exam: for example: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.  Students write the exam in the Examplify platform (unless handwriting)
  • Standard Take-Home Exam: for example: the entire class picks up the exam on Monday at 3:00 pm and must return the exam no later than Friday at 10:00 am. Students write the exam using MS Word (unless handwriting)
  • Floating Remote Exam: Provides a window of time in which to complete the exam but a set time to write the exam.  For example: the exam is available starting at 9:30 am on Monday and must be returned no later than 5:30 pm on Monday but the exam itself must be written in 3 hours from the time of pick up.  Students write the exam using Examplify (unless handwriting)

Remote Exam Download Site

Exam question packages will NOT be emailed to students. Instead, students will download their exam question package from the Remote Exam Download site by following these simple steps:

  • 15 minutes before the start of your exam, go to the Remote Exam Download site by going to MyOsgoode > Exams & Assignments > Remote Exam Download.
  • If you are writing a deferred exam, go to the Deferred Remote Exam Download site by going to MyOsgoode>Exams & Assignments>Deferred Remote Exam Download).
  • You will see a link to your exam – click on the link
    • Click on Display Exam Download button to display a direct link to your exam question package pdf file
    • Clicking on the exam question package link will open the pdf in a browser window for reading, printing or saving to your desktop
  • You can download your exam (by following the steps outlined above) on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile phone)
  • The Examplify password for your exam will be located at the top of the 2nd page of your exam question package.
  • The Remote Exam Download site is for exam pick-up/download only.  Completed exams must be submitted via the Examplify platform (unless handwritten or written in Word, in which case it must be email to Jeff Sperling at
  • If you experience any difficulty accessing your exam question package through the Remote Exam Download site, immediately email Nancy Sperling at

DO NOT access the Remote Exam Download site at any time other than on the date/time that you are scheduled to write your exams. If you are approved for a deferred exam and access the Remote Exam Download site on the date of the regularly scheduled exam, you will be in violation of York University’s Senate Policy on Academic Honesty .


  • Examplify will be in non-secure/internet block mode. This means that during the exam, you will be able to access all aspects of your computer EXCEPT the internet.  The spell-check function will not be enabled (except for students who receive those specific accommodations).
  • The cut/copy/paste function in Examplify will be fully disabled.  This means that you cannot cut/copy/paste within Examplify nor can you cut/copy/paste from your desktop windows into Examplify.
    • If you are a student with a functional limitation that would require an accommodation in lieu of the cut/copy/paste feature, please see the Accommodations section below for accommodation options.
    • Here are some tips and strategies for writing exams within Examplify without using the cut/copy/paste feature.
  • You will be able to have the exam question package open in a separate window on your computer or printed. You can also access summaries, notes, etc. in another window on your computer.
  • DO NOT email Student Services staff to confirm exam upload. If there is an issue with your exam upload you will be contacted by staff directly.
  • If you are missing an exam template, immediately contact Jeff Sperling at 416-230-0928.

Examplify Mock Test

You may wish to do a mock exam in Examplify that will simulate the non-secure/internet blocked environment. This will allow you to test out how you will toggle between additional open windows on your computer. Remember that you will NOT be able to access your internet browser or any applications that need an internet connection during an exam. The mock exam will be available in Examplify in the week of November 22, 2021 [exact date to be provided shortly].

Computer Crash during a Remote Exam

If you experience any issues with Examplify during an exam you may either switch to Word and finish writing the exam OR switch to handwriting and finish writing the exam.  However, if you experience a computer crash during an exam you must switch to handwriting and finish writing the exam.

In either scenario, after the exam ends you must immediately contact Jeff Sperling at for instructions on how to submit  the portion of the exam not written in Examplify.  This is the same procedure that is followed for in-person exams.

Additional Instructions

  • All remote exams will be open book. Generally, students can refer to class notes, summaries, casebooks and other class materials during exams. However, if your instructor has limited the material you can refer to for your exam, you must follow those instructions.
  • Students must adhere to the exam instructions as indicated on the exam cover sheet. These instructions include any suggested reading periods and the start/end time of the exam.  This will be monitored by Student Services staff using Examplify.  If your instructor indicates on the cover sheet that you may not access certain materials (eg. library books) then you are not permitted to do so in your remote-exam.
  • The official start time for upper year standard remote exams is 9:00am.  The official start time for first-year standard remote exams is 1:30pm.  The 15 minute download period preceding the official start time for the exam is for downloading, workstation set-up, and troubleshooting only.  You MUST NOT begin reading or working on the exam in any way during this time.
  • Students, at all times, must adhere to York University’s Senate Policy on Academic Honesty.
    • Students must not discuss the exam with anyone or communicate with anyone during the exam.
    • Students must only use/access the authorized materials as determined by their instructor.
    • Students must not copy/cut and paste any content or material from their desktop or other device into their exam answers.
    • Students must dispose of or otherwise delete or destroy the exam question package at the conclusion of the exam
    • Students must provide attribution for any content or material that is not their own.
    • The conduct listed above will be considered “cheating” and, in accordance with the Senate Policy, will be investigated as a violation of the Policy.
    • Each exam question package will include an Academic Honesty cover sheet.  Students will be deemed to accept the terms of the Academic Honesty cover sheet at the time they begin writing their exam.
  • We are unable to provide computer-lab seats for this exam period. In the alternative, students may pursue any of the following options: use a desktop computer at the student’s remote location; borrow a laptop; or handwrite. Information about how to borrow a laptop through York University’s laptop loan program is available here. If you are unable to pursue any one of these alternatives, please be in touch with Assistant Dean Rimon at directly.
  • Osgoode does not use online proctoring with our remote exams. York University’s Senate Executive Committee has issued a decision directing that “any form of technology-enabled invigilation (also known as “online proctoring”) by instructors, which includes the use of proctoring software or video conferencing software, such as Zoom, used for proctoring purposes, not be used except in exceptional circumstances.” The Senate Executive Committee cites the following concerns with online proctoring in support of this direction: “concerns around equity for racialized communities, privacy, student anxiety and technical challenges. Additionally, experience has shown that there is little evidence on the effectiveness of online proctoring in the detection and prevention of academic dishonesty.”


If you have indicated that you will be handwriting your exams this term, you will be able to do this remotely. If you haven’t yet made this declaration but would like to, you must send your request to Nancy Sperling at by no later than Thursday, December 2.

  • The same remote exam process will otherwise apply to students who handwrite. You may download your exam from the Remote Exam Download site 15 minutes before the start of your exam.
  • At the top of EACH page of your handwritten exam you must include: your confidential exam number; the course name; the page #.


Students who are registered with York Student Accessibility Services and have letters of accommodation on file with Student Services will receive their exam writing accommodations in their remote environment, wherever possible. Students who receive exam accommodations MUST go back into the Exam Registration site starting on November 24 and confirm those accommodations by no later than December 1.  Any inquiries relating to exam writing accommodations should be directed to Nancy Sperling at

Accommodation to of cut/copy/paste

For some students, who have a documented functional imitation(s) that would require an accommodation whereby there is need to a cut/copy/paste  when writing essay exams (a feature in Examplify which is not possible in the remote exam environment) – those students will have one of the following accommodation options:
1/student receives more time to write the exam(s) to account for time needed to handwrite a portion of their exam answer that needs to be moved to a different location in the exam and re-type that portion back into the exam answer; or
2/student is given permission to write their exam in a Word document (which has a cut/copy/paste feature) and student must sign an attestation in advance of their exam(s) that they will not access the internet during their exam and that they will not cut/copy/paste from their desktop into their Word exam answer document.

This accommodation will be explicitly noted on a student’s letter of accommodation and must be determined by  the student’s Accessibility Counselor.  As for any accommodation, students are encouraged to connect with their Accessibility Counselor with questions or concerns.
Students MUST notify Nancy Sperling at if they want to implement this accommodation for the December remote exam period.

Here are some tips and strategies for writing exams within Examplify without using the cut/copy/paste feature.


The Deferred Exam Period will take place from December 17 – December 23, inclusive.

  • The deferral request process will be available to all students who need to avail themselves of this accommodation on medical, compassionate or equitable grounds, including those who face challenges writing their exam(s) or submitting final papers at the regularly scheduled time due to issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, whether medical or otherwise (ie. child or dependent care; mental health; relocation challenges; etc.).  We are taking a liberal and inclusive approach to pandemic-related deferral and extension requests this term.
  • A personal statement describing the reasons for your request and supporting, corroborating documentation (if applicable) must be provided alongside the Deferral Request Form.  If you already have a letter of accommodation from Student Accessibility Services on file with Student Services no additional supporting documentation is required.
  • The Deferral Request Package – which includes the Deferral Request Form, the required Confidentiality Agreement and the deferred exam schedule – will be posted on MyOsgoode at the Exams & Assignments button in the week of November 22.
  • Students must send the Deferral Request Form, personal statement and supporting documentation, if applicable, to Assistant Dean Rimon by email at  All requests must be received prior to the start of the regularly scheduled exam or the due date for the final paper.  Any requests received after 9:oo am (upper year exams) or 1:30 pm (first-year exams) on the date of the exam – or after 3:30 pm on December 6 in respect of final papers – will not be considered and will require the filing of a petition to the Grades Review Committee for potential relief.
  • If a student is unable to write their exam(s), or submit final papers, during the deferred period it will be available to them to petition to the Grades Review Committee for further, supplemental relief. For first and second-year students, supplemental exams and supplemental paper deadlines will be set for the first week of August.  For graduating students, supplemental privileges will be expedited to the end of May to ensure the opportunity to graduate in June.  Please be in touch with Assistant Dean Rimon at should you need to avail yourself of the supplemental petition process.

Other Considerations

Printing Notes & Summaries

We understand that access to reliable printing options on campus and elsewhere may prove challenging to some students.  Please remember:

  • for the Winter 2021 remote exams, Examplify will operate in non-secure/internet block mode so you will be able to access your notes, summaries and other permitted exam materials on your computer during your exam – but you will NOT be able to access the internet.
  • We are a community. During the pre-exam study period, students are encouraged to help each other such as by sharing printing capacity, while respecting social distancing.
  • Sherwood Digital Copy & Print, located at 165 Dalhousie St. (Church & Dundas) will be providing preferred printing rates to Osgoode students:
    • Colour printing – 19 cents per side
    • Black & White – 8 cents per side
    • Binding $5-$8 (depending on thickness)
    • Orders must be made one day in advance and emailed to Pick up from the Dalhousie location will be scheduled to maintain social distancing.  Payment can be made through credit card, cash or e-transfer.

Internet Access

In order to write remote exams, you will need reliable internet access.

  • you are encouraged to test your internet access at the remote location at which you intend to write your exam well in advance of your first exam/paper deadline.
  • You will need access to the internet to receive your exam and Examplify password by email and to initiate your connection to Examplify.  Once you start the exam, you are not writing online and won’t be using the internet for the duration of the exam.  After you have finished writing the exam you will need an internet connection for it to be uploaded back to the Examplify “cloud”. If there are any issues with connecting, please upload the exam as soon as you get that connection back up and running. Student Services staff will be able verify through Examplify when you stopped writing the exam, even if there was a delay in the upload.
  • York University’s UIT has hotspot devices available for students who have no internet access. These are devices that create a wifi hotspot for you (like creating a wifi hotspot on your phone). To access one of these devices, contact They are distributed only to those without access to the internet, for example, if your wifi at home crashes and you are left with no internet for a few hours or more. If you have any difficulty accessing this service, contact Associate Dean Drake at
  • if your home internet access is unreliable, consider finding another remote, quiet, secure location that has reliable internet access
  • consider creating a wifi hotspot on your mobile phone that will have good wifi strength for the duration of your exam
  • if you have no viable alternatives, contact Assistant Dean Rimon at

Wellness and Mental Health

Osgoode Counselling services are operational and are continuing to provide services to students via telephone or secure video platform.  Current appointments are proceeding as scheduled and students are encouraged to book in for counselling sessions as usual via My Career.  If you encounter difficulty finding an appointment via My Career, please email the counsellor directly.  Please contact your counsellor directly with any questions you may have about appointments and getting connected.

Visit Wellness Support during COVID-19 for additional counselling/crisis/support lines you can reach out to for urgent crisis needs.

Writing Exams at the Osgoode Building

Osgoode students are invited to apply to write exams at the Osgoode building during the exam period for the Winter 2021 term.  Students must still comply with all of the instructions and requirements for remote exams, including downloading exams from the Remote Exam Download site and using Examplify. In other words, students writing exams at the Osgoode building are still writing their exams remotely. The building is being offered as a quiet, distraction-free space from which to write remote exams.

How to Apply

Students can apply by completing this webform, where you will be asked to provide a rationale for writing exams at the Osgoode building based on medical, compassionate, or equitable grounds. These grounds will be interpreted broadly. For example, not having access to a distraction-free space at home is a sufficient reason. Not having access to reliable wifi at home is also a sufficient reason. (Please note that although the wifi at the Osgoode building is generally quite stable, we cannot guarantee the reliability of our wifi. If you experience a wifi disruption while writing your exam—whether at home or at the Osgoode building—please follow the instructions above on this issue.)

Students who are approved to write exams at the Osgoode building must comply with all applicable health and safety protocols, including the following:

  • Students must either be fully vaccinated and have uploaded proof of receiving their second vaccine dose at least 14 days before the date of their exam, OR students must have received an approved exemption from York University, in accordance with York University’s Vaccination Mandate policy;
  • Students must complete the YU Screen tool and obtain a green ‘Cleared’ screen through. If you do not obtain a green ‘Cleared’ screen, you must be prepared to write your examination at home.
  • Students are required to wear a mask or face covering that covers their mouth, nose and chin completely, in accordance with York University’s updated Mask Protocols.
  • Students are required to practise physical distancing and to stay two metres apart from others at all times, including while in line.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Drake (Associate Dean (Students)) at .

Key Dates for Writing Exams at the Osgoode Building

Deadline to submit webform application to write exams at the Osgoode building. 12:00 p.m. on Monday, November 22, 2021
Decisions regarding applications to write exams at the Osgoode building will be communicated. Wednesday, November 24, 2021