Journalist in Residence

The Journalist in Residence program is currently on hiatus.

Osgoode’s Journalist in Residence Program is designed to explore stories about justice and legal education against the backdrop of Osgoode’s commitment to researching and teaching law in context.

We welcome projects focused on interpreting legal history, examining law’s realities today, and imagining law’s future, whether in Canada and/or elsewhere in the world. We are particularly interested in journalists and projects that will reflect and enhance the diversity of the Osgoode community and which will involve law students and/or faculty and staff. Osgoode welcomes applications from journalists from all media (e.g. digital, print, radio, podcast, television) who are currently pursuing either full-time or freelance journalist careers.

The Journalist in Residence will normally come for a term (September to December 2017 or January to April 2018), although in exceptional circumstances, a Journalist in Residence could be appointed for an entire academic year. The Journalist in Residence will receive a stipend of up to $25,000 for a term or part of a term (or on a more part-time basis spread over an academic year) (plus approximately $5,000 in disbursements), in addition to an office and full access to the academic resources and intellectual community at Osgoode. While the Journalist in Residence may hold other positions, the Journalist in Residence will be expected to spend a significant portion of his/her period of residence at Osgoode.

The successful applicant will not normally be an existing member of the York University teaching staff or student body and will not normally hold a tenure-track or tenured academic position at another institution. Applications should specify if any specific equipment or materials are required which the journalist is not in a position to supply, or any other costs associated with his/her project.

The Journalist in Residence is funded in part from Osgoode’s Fund for Innovation in Law & Media (FILM), dedicated to exploring the intersection of law, media and journalism.