McMurtry Visiting Clinical Fellowship

The Fellowships were established in 2012 and are named in honour of Roy McMurtry, an Osgoode graduate ’58 and former Chancellor of York University. McMurtry, a former Chief Justice of Ontario and former Attorney General for Ontario, has long championed building bridges between the academy, Bar, and Bench. Fellowship holders will be senior lawyers who will be expected to play a vital role in creating and strengthening such bridges and enriching the intellectual and academic community at Osgoode.

McMurtry Fellows will spend a semester (or part of a semester) at Osgoode Hall Law School and may be directed toward a particular Osgoode clinical/intensive program or research/teaching cluster. They may be asked to guest lecture in a course or seminar setting or offer other advocacy or policy insights to students.  Fellows will receive a stipend of up to a maximum amount of $25,000 for a full semester (this does not include additional stipends for teaching). McMurtry Fellowship holders may continue their professional activities while in residence at Osgoode with the exception of full-time practice.

Interested individuals should submit an application online consisting of the following: (1) a curriculum vitae (CV); (2) a brief statement of interest (one to two pages) and in particular what proposed activities would be undertaken while in residency at Osgoode; (3) preference as to timing.

Applications are closed for the 2021 – 2022 academic year.