Joint Program Tuition

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JD/MES and JD/MA (Philosophy)

Joint program students spending their first year at Osgoode will pay the Osgoode first year tuition. Students enrolled in the JD/MES and JD/MA (Philosophy) joint programs will pay tuition at the Faculty of Environmental Studies, or Faculty of Arts during the year they are enrolled full-time at that Faculty.  They will pay Osgoode fees for the remainder of their studies.  Joint program students are not eligible for Osgoode scholarships, awards and bursaries while registered full-time at the other Faculty.


There has been a change to the tuition payments in the JD/MBA program.  Students who enter in 2015 must pay five semesters of JD tuition and three semesters of MBA tuition. Students who entered prior to 2015 will pay tuition to the Faculty in which they are enrolled full-time.