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Two accounts are used to access various services: Passport York and Osgoode Account

Passport York Account

Wireless Internet (AirYork) Workstation Login
Printing / Scanning HR Self-Serve
Network File Share Access SiS / E-Reports / HR Self-Serve
Classroom Workstation / Camtasia Library eResources

 Osgoode Account

Email Course Websites
Class Lists Business Applications

 Available For

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty
  • Visiting / Adjunct Faculty

How to Request

Contact the relevant department under Contact if you need accounts setup.

Employee Type Contact
YUSA / CPM Osgoode HR
YUSA II / RA / Work/Study Department Manager
YUTA Department Manager
Full Time / CLA Faculty Osgoode HR
Visiting / Adjunct Faculty Office of the Associate Dean
Visiting Scholars / Researchers Osgoode Research Office
Visiting Faculty Office of the Dean
Clinical Education Students Program Administrator

 Self Serve

Follow these instructions if you are asked to setup your Passport York account via Self Serve

  1. Contact HR to receive the Employee ID
  2. Provide Employee ID to the new hire
  3. New Hire to click on New Employee Sign Up link from

Password Changes

Osgoode Account

  1. Login to
  2. Click Change Password under Manage Account

Passport York

Note: This password can only be changed on the website; it cannot be changed through your workstation.

  • Login to
  • Check the box that reads Click this box before logging in to change your Passport York password
  • Follow the instructions to complete password change

Password Resets

Faculty / Staff

o    Full Name

o    Account to reset (Osgoode account or Passport York account)

o    Employee ID or Passport York username

Name Change

  1. Osgoode Account
    1. Request a name change through for your Osgoode username and email address change
  2. Passport York

Note: A username change for Passport York takes a few days, and requires that your workstation be re-configured.

  1. A Passport York username change should be requested through
  2. The change takes a few days
  3. Once the username has been changed, your workstation must be re-configured by Osgoode ITS


There is no charge for this service.