HOW TO Onboard New Employees

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Note: Total setup time for a new employee is approximately 2 weeks.

Step 1 – Request Passport York Account

A Passport York account must be created in order setup access.  If the Request Method is “Self Serve”, the account must be created before proceeding with Step 2.  If the Request Method is “Sponsored Account”, proceed to Step 2.

Employee Type Responsibility Request Method
YUSA / CPM Osgoode HR Self Serve
YUSA II / RA / Work/Study Department Manager Self Serve
YUTA Department Manager Setup by YUTA Office
Full Time / CLA Faculty Osgoode HR Self Serve
Visiting / Adjunct Faculty Office of the Associate Dean Sponsored Account
Visiting Scholars / Researchers Osgoode Research Office Sponsored Account
Visiting Faculty Office of the Dean Sponsored Account
Clinical Education Students Program Administrator Sponsored Account


Passport York – Self Serve

  1. Contact HR to receive the Employee ID
  2. Contact the employee and give them their Employee ID
  3. Direct the employee to create their Passport York account by clicking on the New Employee Sign Up link from

Step 2 – Submit Setup Request

  1. Complete New Hire Form: P:\TEMPLATES\ONBOARDING\
Employee Type Form
CPM / YUSA / YUSA II / YUTA / RA / Work/Study / Full Time Faculty / CLA Faculty New Hire – Staff_Faculty.xltx
Visiting Faculty / Adjunct Faculty / Visiting Scholars / Clinical Education Students New Hire – Guest Staff_Faculty.xltx


  1. Email the completed new hire form to

Step 3 – Request Access to SiS

If SiS access is required, send an email to containing the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Required SiS applications / access

Step 4 – Library eResources

  • If the Passport York account was setup as a Sponsored account, the guest will need to visit the Law Library to obtain access to online eResources