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Network storage solutions are available for storing various types of data.

  • Shared folders are available to store collaborative work
  • Department shares (J, N,O, P and R drives) are configured with Access Control Lists (ACL) to restrict access to management approved individuals
  • Remote access to file shares through WebFAS or VPN

Note: Remote access is only available for faculty and CPM.  YUSA staff must request remote access through their mangers.

  • Dedicated home directory (X drive) for faculty members to store research and course related files
  • Network shares are backed up regularly in case of data loss

Available For

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty

How to Request

Access to Existing Network Drive

The department manager must send an email to specifying the network folder to access, and the Passport York username of the individual requiring access.

New Network Shares

Requests for new network shares must be made through New shares are created only in compliance with the current folder structure.

Data Restore

Send an email to detailing the path to the file/folder names that were deleted, the deletion date, and the approximate time of deletion.


Network shares are charged at $0.39 per gigabyte per month.  Minimum file share size is 100GB