HOW TO Remotely Access Network Shares

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Option 1 – WebFAS

WebFAS gives virtual access to files and applications (such as Word and Excel).

  1. Login using Passport York at
  2. The first time, you will be prompted to install the Citrix plugin

Option 2 – VPN / Mapped Drives

Step 1 – Connect to VPN

  1. Follow the instructions on to install and configure Junos Pulse
  2. Launch Junos Pulse and connect using Passport York

Step 2 – Map Network Drives

Note: This step only needs to be done once.


  1. Open Computer from the desktop
  2. Click Map Network Drive from the toolbar
  3. Place a checkmark beside Connect using Different Credentials
  4. Select the drive letter and enter the path (see the table below)
  5. When the login window comes up, enter yorku\username and your Passport York password
J Drive \\\LW-CLASP
M Drive \\\LW-ITS
N Drive \\\LW-ERC
O Drive \\\LW-LCO
X Drive (Faculty home folder) \\\LW-ACADEMIC\ppyusername


  1. Click Go then Go to server…
  2. Enter smb:// to connect to the volume
  3. When prompted for credentials, enter yorku\username and your Passport York password
  4. Click Go then Computer
  5. You will see the volumes listed—drag the volume to the Finder sidebar under FAVORITES
\\\LW-ERC External Relations & Communications
\\\LW-LCO Law Commission
\\\LW-ADMINISTRATION General Administration Share
\\\LW-CENTRES General Centres Share
\\\LW-ACADEMIC\ppyusername Faculty Home Folder