How to Use Zoom Video Conferencing

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Downloading Zoom

  1. Sign in to using your Passport York Credentials
  2. Click on Download Zoom on the top left
  3. Click download under “Zoom Client for Meetings” to create a desktop icon
  4. Save file and follow the prompts to download the program.

Zoom – Desktop Client Setup

  1. Click “Sign in with SSO”
  2. Enter yorku under “Enter your company domain” and press continue
  3. Login with your Passport York Credentials
  4. Zoom Window should pop up automatically.

Zoom – Joining a Meeting

From the Desktop icon

  1. After logging in, click on “Join”
  2. Enter 9,10 or 11-Digit Number provided by the host
  3. If the meeting has not started wait for the host, otherwise choose camera and audio settings.

From York Website.

  1. Open and Enter Meeting ID or personal Link Name provided by the host.
  2. See Step 3 above.

Zoom – Scheduling a Meeting

  1. After logging in, click on “Schedule”
  2. Pick topic, date time and duration of the meeting
  3. If required, change the Video, Audio and Meeting and calendar options otherwise click Schedule.
  4. Click Copy to Clipboard and paste it to an email to send it to the recipients.

NOTE: If the other party does not have the software, the invitation has links to assist the client to download the software.