Video Production and Live Webcasts

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Video production and live webcast services are provided through UIT – Learning Technology Services.  Osgoode ITS can assist with the coordination of these services.

Video Production

  • Videos can be published on the Osgoode YouTube Channel or other supported online video platforms with administrative approval.
  • Produced videos will not be archived.

Live Webcasts

  • Provide live streaming service through UIT-supported platforms.

Available For

  • Full Time Staff
  • Temporary Staff
  • Full Time / CLA Faculty
  • Visiting / Adjunct Faculty

How to Request

Video Production

Live Webcasting

  • Place your live webcasting request through the CEO ordering system.
    • Allow a minimum of three weeks advanced notice due to limited availability of the streaming service, which is based on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You can request training on how to use the CEO system by contacting Osgoode ITS at
  • You can request consulting services to determine the best solution by contacting Osgoode ITS at


Video Production

UIT charges a fee for video production.  The cost may vary depending on the number of required camera operators, setup and other requirements.  Overtime charges apply for requests that are outside of regular business hours.

Live Webcasting

UIT charges a fee for a live webcasting session, plus the cost of video production, on a first-come, first-served basis due to limited availability of live webcasting resources.