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Moodle is the learning management system (LMS) that enables course sites.  It enhances lectures and seminars with online course materials and learning activities.


Below is a list of commonly used features:

  • Post course announcements
  • Publish course materials
  • Link to online resources
  • Collaborate in discussion forums
  • Enable file uploads/downloads
  • Incorporate online quizzes and assignments
  • Meet online via Adobe Connect
  • Use Turnitin anti-plagiarism tool
  • Grade learning activities


  • Individual and/or group training is available

Available For

  • Full Time / CLA Faculty
  • Visiting / Adjunct Faculty
  • Full Time Staff

How to Request

Course Site

Generally, there is no need to request a course site, which are pre-created for each instructor, but hidden from students.

Fill out a Moodle Request Form if you do not see your course site on

Students’ Access to Course Site

There is no need to request access for students as they will have access to your course site automatically if they are officially enrolled in your course.

If you are aware that a student cannot access your course site, first check that you have made your course visible to students; then advise the students to speak with the respective student services office for the course to confirm the student’s enrolment status.

Exception for Cross-listed Courses & Students’ Access

If you are teaching a cross-listed course, please send a request to with the following information to ensure students from both courses will have access to your course site:

  • For both courses:
    • Course Title
    • Course Code & Number
    • Course Term

Any missing information may delay the processing of your request.

Guest or Special Access to Course Site

Fill out a Moodle Request Form to request guest or special access to your course site.

Policy:  No Research Assistant (RA) shall have elevated privileges on Moodle such that they can post course materials.  They can, however, get read/participation access to your course site.

Course Materials Transfer

Fill out a Moodle Request Form to request transferring/copying of course materials from your previous year course site to your current year course site.

Important Note:  You must be the designated instructor of both previous and current course sites.  If you are not the instructor of the previous course site, email for advice.

Program/Special Course Site

Fill out a Moodle Request Form to request a course site for a program; or a course that does not have a course code.


Group training sessions are announced via email.  They are typically held in August, September, December and January, and offered on a sign-up basis.

Send request to to request for individual training.


There is no charge for this service.