Electronic Classrooms

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All classrooms in the Ignat Kaneff Building are equipped with technology to facilitate presentations and multimedia content.  UIT Classroom Operations (York University Information Technology Classroom Operations) provides all equipment and support for the classrooms.

  • All rooms are equipped with a PC and a large display (projector or television)
  • Lecture Recordings can be made from all Lecture Halls
  • DVD / CDs can be played in all rooms through the PC
  • Personal laptops can be connected through VGA
    • An adapter is required if the laptop does not have a VGA connection
  • All staff and faculty can login to the classrooms using a Passport York accounts
  • Instructions for using equipment are affixed to the credenzas in all rooms
  • Additional equipment and training sessions are available upon request

Classroom Equipment

Helliwell Centre (ADR)

Room Monitor Document Camera VHS
Main Room Single No No
1014 D Single No No
1014 E Single No No
1014 F Single No No
1014 G Single No No
1014 H Single No No
1014 J Single No No
1014 K Single No No

 Lecture Halls

All lecture halls are equipped with microphones.

Room Monitor Document Camera VHS
1005 (Moot Court) Single Yes No
1006 (Back of Moot Court) Single Yes No
1001 Single Yes Yes
1002 Single Yes No
1003 Single Yes Yes
2001 Dual Yes Yes
2002 Dual Yes No
2003 Single Yes No
2010 Single Yes No

 Seminar Rooms

Room Monitor Document Camera VHS
1004 Single Yes No
1008 Single Yes No
2008 Single Yes No
2009 Single Yes No
2004 Single Yes No
4022 Single No No
2011 (Legal Process Lab) Single No No

 Meeting Rooms

Room Monitor Document Camera VHS
2028 Single No No
4034 Single No No
2027 Single No No


Available For

  • Student Clubs (through Legal & Lit)

How to Request

Rooms and equipment must be booked at least five days in advance through the Office of the Executive Officer.  Contact rooms@osgoode.yorku.ca and provide the following information:

  • Date(s) of event:
  • Start time:
  • End Time:
  • Program/Department/Club Name:
  • Name/Title of Event:
  • Number of attendees:
  • Number of rooms:
  • Room preference/style:
  • Special requirements (such as room set up, tables for catering or registration, etc…)
  • Equipment Required
    • Specify the hardware required, for example PC and Projector
    • Specify the software required, for example PowerPoint, Internet



  • See the related documents for using equipment in the various rooms
  • Instructions are placed near the equipment in all rooms
  • To use the Heliwell Centre (ADR) main room, assistance must be booked through UIT Classroom Operations


Charges vary based on order requirements.  See the price list for pricing details.