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Osgoode provides a secure email and calendaring platform, branded with

  • Access through Webmail or your mobile device
  • Mailing Lists are available for student clubs (Legal & Lit)

o    Mailing Lists are restricted to reduce SPAM

Available For

  • Osgoode Students

How To Request

Email Access

o   See the related service, Mobile Email for additional setup details

Email Forwarding

Note: When email is forwarded, it goes directly to the forwarding account.  Copies of the emails are not stored in your Osgoode mailbox.  Replying to forwarded emails using your is not possible.

  1. Login to
  2. Click Forward your Webmail under Manage Account
  3. Click Set Mail Forwarding
  4. Enter the forwarding address and click Save This Form

Club Email

  • Email accounts can be requested for student clubs through Legal & Lit
  • Legal & Lit must send the request to with the following information:

o    Desired email address name

o    Names of students who should be given access

Name / Email Address Change

  • The email address and full name are based on the official name registered with York’s Office of the Registrar
  • The email address and full name are linked to student records, and cannot be changed unless officially changed with York’s Office of the Registrar
  • If name is changed, the Office of Admissions and Student Services will request the name change
  • See the Accounts page for more details on name changes

Access to Send to Mailing List

  • For a restricted mailing list, a manager must request that access be granted
  • Legal & Lit addresses are automatically granted permission to send to the student groups


There is no charge for this service.