Library Services for Adjunct Faculty

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Library Cards & Borrowing Privileges

To borrow books from the library, you must have a library card. To obtain a library card, please complete the online application:

Access to eResources & Remote Access

Your Passport York account will enable you access library eResources. On the York University campus, you can access library eResources once your device is logged to the network AirYorkPLUS. If accessing the resources remotely, you will be prompted to log in with your Passport York user ID and password. Alternatively, access to online digital resources is done using the number and PIN on your library card.

To obtain a Passport York /AirYorkPLUS account please contact Mark Hamilton in the Associate Dean’s office.


Reference & Research Services

Full-time, professional reference librarians, specialized in legal research, are available to assist you in accessing the library’s services and resources to find the information you need. Please visit, phone (416-736-5207) or email the library’s Reference Desk to take advantage of their assistance. Students and faculty are advised to book appointments with reference librarians for extensive and time consuming consultations.

Library Liaisons

Each Osgoode faculty member – both full-time and adjunct – is assigned a reference librarian as a library liaison to provide personalized assistance with research queries and accessing specialized library services. Library liaisons are professional librarians specialized in both legal and interdisciplinary research using the full resources of the Osgoode Law Library and other York University libraries. Library services offered or facilitated by the library liaisons include:

  • Compiling topical bibliographies
  • Demonstrating and assisting with Lexis (Quicklaw), Westlaw and other electronic resources
  • Preparing and providing topical research/bibliographic instruction sessions for your classes or seminars
  • Assisting you with collecting and compiling materials for your course website (Moodle)
  • Assisting you with accessing our current awareness services for faculty

Though you are welcome to deal directly with any of the library staff, we encourage you to contact your library liaison with any questions or recommendations.

Placing Materials in the Core or Reserve Collections

If there are any Library books which you have identified as required reading for your class and which you think may be in high demand by your students, the Library can move them into our Core Collection (24-hour loan) or Reserve Collection (3-hour loan).

To request the transfer of any books into the Core or Reserve Collections, please send an email to circulation services  with the basic information (author, title, edition, publisher and year of publication) of the books you would like transferred. Alternatively, you may attach a list of titles to the email. Only titles that are “required” reading for your courses will be included in the Core or Reserve Collections. The library will not usually include titles from  “suggested” or “recommended” reading lists on short-term loan.

Passwords for Online Legal Research

All Osgoode faculty and students are entitled to personal educational passwords for the major online legal research services (Lexis Advance Quicklaw, WestlawNext Canada). There are also a number of specialized online services that require a library username and password for access. These latter requirements are always indicated in our database of eResources @ Osgoode. For information about any of these password-related services, please contact the Reference Desk (416-736-5207).

NOTE: Online services (Lexis Advance Quicklaw, WestlawNext Canada) and other eResources are to be used only for purposes of research, class preparation and teaching at Osgoode. Any other use of eResources, especially for commercial or work-related purposes, is forbidden and constitutes a serious breach of our licences for these services.

Interlibrary Loans (ILL)

The Library can obtain for you any books or documents not available in the Osgoode Library or other libraries at York University and not available from electronic sources (eResources) at York. There is no charge for this service. Interlibrary loans can only be requested and processed using RACER, our online interlibrary loan service.

Current Awareness Services

There are many ways for faculty to stay current with new articles and research published in their areas of expertise. Please do not hesitate to consult with your assigned Liaison Librarian to develop a current awareness profile. Among useful services are the following:

  • CILP (Current Index to Legal Periodicals): (link) A weekly email alert service from the Marian Gould Gallagher Law Library of the University of Washington School of Law (Seattle). Your assigned librarian can help you set up a SmartCILP customized selection of subject-specific alerts or tables of contents alerts for recently-published law review articles.
  • HeinOnline and Digital Commons email alerts: Your library advisor can assist you with setting up email alerts for the tables of contents of specific journals available on HeinOnline or open access journal websites using Digital Commons or Open Journal System platforms.
  • RSS Feeds: You may need to download and install an RSS Feed reader on your computer if you don’t already have one. Your assigned librarian will be pleased to help you. For more information on installing, go to The feed reader periodically connects to the journal listings and automatically retrieves the content pages.

Recommendations for Purchase

Please send all suggestions and recommendations for purchase to the library. Remember to include as much information as possible. We will do our best to ensure that they are received on time.